07 November 2012

Us Part 6

So I went back to California,
and back to work but it wasn't as exciting for me anymore.
I'll be honest, the last like 5 weeks of my internship I just wanted to be home
and spend time with Andrew.
After all, he'd been gone for 2 years!!
July 21 Andrew, Haley, Jamie, Jesse, and Derek came to visit me for a day!
I was so excited!

Earlier that morning we had taken our DCP picture in front of the castle
in our costumes (uniforms) and it was awesome!!

After the picture, a bunch of us went to ride Star Tours
one last time before it closed for refurb,
then I raced to the bus stop,
waited for the bus to finally come,
raced upstairs (4 flights of stairs thank you!)
and got dressed in a cute-ish outfit
(also had to be functional for a day at Disneyland)
and waited for them to get to my apartment so I can hop in the car
and get them into the parking structure for free ;)
I had perks!
Also, the same day they came,
my aunt and uncle and cousins came too!

Andrew and I start walking around Disneyland
and all I could think was
"YES! This is what I've been waiting for"
and I was on cloud one million!
And all my friends wanted to meet him
since they'd heard about him now hahahaha
so we went around and I introduced him to everyone.

We also got into a fight hahaha
about proposals of all things!
We already knew that we were going to get married,
and Andrew was determined not to ask me until
he had a ring and I said I didn't care about it.
We could wait to buy a ring until we could afford it,
we could just get a Mickey ring and live with it for now.
It was a full-on fight between us,
and we had never fought before (and still haven't).
But we decided to just forget it for the day and to  enjoy our time together
in my favorite place and love it ;)

The day progressed on and we were going into Fantasyland,
we were headed to the castle
and I opted to try and take us through the side way cuz it was less crowded.
Andrew of course was adamant about going under it,
so I was like "Ok whatever."
Then I noticed his hand was shaking in mine,
and I was thinking
"Ok well we haven't eaten in awhile, he's probably needing something to eat",
when he stopped me right as we were about to pass under
and asks me 
"What was your dream about this castle?"
I said "Well I wanna live in it, see that tower up there?
It's all mine - I've already got my decorations picked out"
He laughed and said 
"No not that one!"
I gave him a perplexed look,
then he got down on one knee and pulled A RING from his back pocket.
He asked me
"Ali will you marry me?"
I said 
"YES! Y-y-y-yy-essss!!!" and I stammered and shouted
and the whole thing took about 30 seconds 
and only 2 people saw it happen hahahaha
it was great!
I then punched him the arm and called him a "punk face"
for getting into a fight with me about a ring when he had it in his freaking pocket!
And since we were right by the castle,
I took him into the store inside the castle and we got 
"Just Engaged" buttons from my friend Stephanie who was working that night ;)

We went around the rest of the night
showing off our buttons (me) and the ring (Andrew).
Yes you read that right,
I was showing off the buttons and he was showing off the ring hahahaha

Needless to say,
the next 3 weeks of living in California was really hard
especially since all I wanted to do was wedding plan!
But I had a great roommate,
and some great friends that threw me a Disney bridal party,
and almost everyday my leads would make me wear "Just Engaged" buttons
cuz they were so excited for me!
Andrew came to my graduation ceremony,
(you can call me "Duck"ter Bowler thank you very much,
we all received "Duck"terate diplomas hahaha)
then we packed me up and drove home and started wedding plans ;)

And you guys know the rest ;)
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and each picture is a link to the post ;)


  1. YAY!!! I was wondering when you were going to write more :) Love it, and he is a punk for psyching you out about the ring hahaha.

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I love seeing these "old" pictures of you!


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