17 November 2012

Slightly mushy - prepare yourselves!

Are y'all prepared for the mushiness that is about to take place?
Good, cuz here we go!

I feel like a lot of the time I don't appreciate how good I've got it.
I try to remember to do that but sometimes I have a hard day 
and it's difficult to see all the goodness.
But I truly do have a blessed life.

I mean, look at my amazing husband and daughter!

This is just a typical night in the Mills house ;)
How on earth did I ever get so lucky?!

Andrew is the best guy in the world really.
He's a great husband to me.
Always tells me he loves me,
kisses me before he goes to work,
(and kisses Rory even when she's asleep)
he provides for our little family so I can stay home with our child.
Sometimes I complain to him that we're getting into a rut,
and that he doesn't "woo" me like he used to
(ya know, notes, poems, flowers that kind of thing)
then I realize how petty I sound,
and I remember everything else he does for me.
Like he's the cook - not me.
I cook on occasion but he's the one that likes to be in the kitchen
making things so I am more than willing to give up my
spatula and apron to him hahahaha
The other night, I was feeling really down,
and Andrew was pretty much asleep so I just sat on the edge of the bed
kinda trying to work through my feelings but didn't want to wake him up.
About 5 minutes later,
Andrew leaned over and said "Alright talk to me. What's wrong love?"
I know that doesn't seem like much but at that moment it was what I needed.

I also have the cutest, most gorgeous, sweetest daughter in the whole world.

I mean look at that smile
I didn't even get the full thing on the camera,
but you get the general idea.
Even when she's screaming at me I can't help but think
how lucky I am to have a baby in the first place.
I know so many women that wish and pray and try all sorts of ways
to get pregnant so they can have their own kids
and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my little Aurora
and that she came relatively easy for me.
I love that she snuggles with me at bedtime,
and when/if she wakes up at like 4 in the morning.
I love that she knows me ;)
It melts my heart when she hears my voice and tries to find me,
no matter how uncomfortable the position may be hahaha

Sometimes we get so caught up with what we don't have,
or don't get that we forget what we DO have.
I have the best family,
even if we are very little,
and I can't believe I'm a wife and mother to the two best people on earth.

My heart is full.



  1. so sweetly said! Your husband sounds like a catch and Aurora is getting so big and adorably cute! Happy Thanksgiving this week!

  2. You are so sweet! This is such a good reminder for me!!

  3. its the little things to keep in our hearts and minds...to help us remember how very blessed we are! that last picture should be on a postcard. seriously.

  4. What a beautiful post. Print this one and store it behind a framed wedding photo or something. Also, I can NOT believe your little girl has gotten so big!

  5. What a great reminder! It can be so hard, and it is so daunting to think that, "this is my life, I will be happy with it no matter what!" But seeing your daughter and husband love you makes the world a MUCH better place. =]

  6. I love that last photo of Rory!

  7. Your daughter is just the cutest! also, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please check out my post for more information.



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