21 November 2012

Playin Around

We just like playing around ;)

She definitely knows when a camera is around 
cuz she stopped giggling immediately 
after Andrew came in with it and 
waited for her picture to be taken hahahaha

Baby girl got another present from her GG and Papa

A new ExcerSaucer!!
She now has one at all three houses ;)
She's on lucky girl and now she's got something else
to play with at my parent's house so they're excited too!
This one is also circus-themed instead of beach themed like the others!
Lion, Tigers, and Elephants oh my!

The Rorester turned 5 months on Monday!!
Holy cow where is the time going??
She can now:
- sit up by herself
- talks all the time
- giggles like crazy
- usually sleeps through the night
- is starting on rice cereal but only taking from a bottle
currently (don't worry, we're working on it)
- knows our voices and responds accordingly
- semi-knows her name
- is trying to hold the bottle on her own
(again we're working on it)
- has 2 teeth with a third one that comes and goes hahahaha

I love this progression of pictures hahaha
I especially love the
"Whatcha lookin at punk" face she's making hahaha

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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