13 November 2012

New Nickname...

and it is... "White Female version of Gus!"
As in Gus from Psych 
(if you don't know the show, get to NetFlix and WATCH IT!)

Here's how this went down:
We had been at my GG's house moving the furniture my mom inherited
and a few trinkets for us kids to have of hers ;)
So after we get back to my parents house,
me, my dad, my mom, and my brother were trying to 
get the garage door to come down.
(It's broken BTW)
So after 2 tries we realized we had to cut the cable 
since they already had to replace the door,
it made more sense to just cut our losses,
so my dad gets up on the stepstool and starts to cut the cable.
I'm standing under the door to help catch it if it falls
(I'm starting to giggle just thinking about it)
and all of a sudden I hear the scariest sound of my life
I seriously almost peed myself it was so loud and scary!
I didn't even realize I had run until I turned around!
So I had said I was there to help right?
Then I ran at the first sound of trouble hahahaha
we were DYING of laughter!

That of course brought Andrew, Emily, Trev, and Rory out 
to find out what all the commotion was,
and we were laughing too hard to explain fully,
then Nick caught his breath and said what happened.
As we're about to leave the house,
either my mom or Nick (I can't remember who) said "You pulled a GUS!"
Then they all said "Yeah you're the white female version of Gus!"
And it's true!
I'm also a sympathetic crier,

I'd like to have nice clothes to wear,
have a super sniffer,
I apparently run away from danger as fast as I can,
and I laugh at every dumb thing people do hahaha

So from now on you can call me
"Gus" ;)


  1. Ahahaha YES!!! I LOVE that show (and the fact that you like it just makes me like you even more) and that story is hilarious! You totally are Gus!

  2. I love Gus. haha. Psych can ALWAYS cheer me up :)

  3. Gus is my FAVORITE! Man I love that show! Thanks for making me laugh. :)

  4. LOL! You are so ridiculous. I love that you're a Gus.


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