29 November 2012

Mirror mirror on my toy

Hello all!!
I'm sorry it's been awhile since posting.....
let me just say that when you have a 5 month old that doesn't nap often, 
other things get neglected and then when said nap actually happens,
the cleaning spree begins!

So I apologize and I love you all and I hope you can all forgive me!
Here's some fun things around the Mills abode with Christmas approaching ;)

First the Rorester has discovered mirrors and the fun that they are haha

And now if she sees a mirror, she HAS to stop and smile at herself it's hilarious!

Also, we're all ready for Santa to come here at our place!

I know it's small but it's us for now ;)

One last cuteness,
I found her like this when we needed to go pick up Andrew

I was heartbroken having to wake her up,
but she fell asleep again in the car ;)


  1. Waking up a sleeping baby is the worst! Especially when they don't nap well to begin with. It's always the luck, the days they sleep well you got places to go! Love your tree too by the way. =]

  2. Ahhh cute!!! Hahaha I love it. And we are doing our Christmas decorating tonight and I am so excited!!!

  3. Awww, babies are so cute when they sleep!! And I love how Christmasy you are... I'm so stoked for Christmas.


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