02 November 2012


I'm so grateful to all of you that left such nice comments
about the last post and I'm glad I helped some gain a little understanding ;)

Things have been pretty quiet around the Mills household lately.
We wake up - multiple times during the night - 
poor Rory is teething like there's no tomorrow 3 teeth already!!
And just kinda chillax throughout the days ;)

Although on Wednesday we went to see the AYT show Once on This Island
and at first Rory was ok but then it got too loud or something for her,
so my parents took her out so Andrew and I could watch the show.
At intermission she really went nuts....like scream fest up the wazoo!
I was trying to calm her down and it was just not working
and I was crying in the lobby of the MAC
with my screaming baby and my dad came over,
took her from my arms and sent me back in to watch
while he and my mom took care of her ;)
Poor baby didn't have her pain medicine with her,
so that's all on me - my bad.

As I was watching the show,
tears streamed down my face.
Not just because of my crying baby outside,
my family has a very deep connection to this particular show.
One song specifically
"Part of the Human Heart"
always will make me cry because of Ethan.
It was sung at his funeral by his cousin Corrinne who played the role
of the goddess in the show and sang that song.
Here's the song:

One of my favorite parts is:
"And all the love there ever was,
I see this all in you"
it describes Ethan perfectly.

Also this was the first show both of my brothers were in together,
and now my youngest brother is in it again.
Seeing all the "little ones" grown up
brought tears to my eyes all night
and many hugs after curtain call ;)

And after a rough night with the Rorester,
we got to spend some time with my mom and Rory got to bounce in the pantry,
a minor step up from her closet here at home hahahaha

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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cuz I wanna win!!

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  1. Sorry... I HAD to enter. Tell Rory to grow her teeth faster so that you can get some rest.


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