09 November 2012


As I sit here eating Snickerdoodles and watching Tinkerbell movies,
I've been reflecting on lots of stuff.
After all this is the thankful month ;)

And I'm usually long-winded and like to talk a lot,
but tonight I'm not in the mood to discuss the things I've thought about
other than that my family is the best.
I mean, seriously.
When life throws nothing but sour lemons at us,
they're there with tons of sugar
and are more than wiling to help us squeeze the juice out.

I am so blessed beyond words.
Maybe later I'll go more into it,
but today I'm spent and I want to snuggle my baby ;)


  1. I have a pretty great family too! Those moments of quiet thankfulness are so sweet--we have to remember all that we have when things get rough, too!

  2. I lurve you.

    told you I'd still read.

    Kay bye!

  3. LOVE this post! It truly is the little things, isn't it? Snickerdoodles, baby snuggles, and family. What more do you need? :)


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