29 November 2012

Mirror mirror on my toy

Hello all!!
I'm sorry it's been awhile since posting.....
let me just say that when you have a 5 month old that doesn't nap often, 
other things get neglected and then when said nap actually happens,
the cleaning spree begins!

So I apologize and I love you all and I hope you can all forgive me!
Here's some fun things around the Mills abode with Christmas approaching ;)

First the Rorester has discovered mirrors and the fun that they are haha

And now if she sees a mirror, she HAS to stop and smile at herself it's hilarious!

Also, we're all ready for Santa to come here at our place!

I know it's small but it's us for now ;)

One last cuteness,
I found her like this when we needed to go pick up Andrew

I was heartbroken having to wake her up,
but she fell asleep again in the car ;)

26 November 2012


Good Monday morning loves!!
I hope you had a great weekend!
We did, well Rory and I did hahahaha
poor Andrew worked 14 hours on Black Friday then 10 hours on Saturday 
so he's still trying to recover from all of that.

On Saturday Rory was going to spend time with her GG and Papa 
since she couldn't on Friday(her normal day) so I dropped her off 
and went to my parents house to hang with my mom
and my grandma called saying that grandpa (Papa) was really sick 
so I picked up the bug and we chilled with my parents til they left for parties and such ;)
While I was there though, my mom and I went through the jewelry 
we had been saving for my jewelry tree.
Explanation on jewelry trees:
MY GG made a lot of stuff like guardian angels,
cute little wooden animals with faces,
and jewelry trees.
Of course I don't have a picture of one hahaha
but let me try and describe it for you:
It's made of jewelry from family members (in our families cases they were,
they didn't have to be for other people)
on a piece of cardboard in a fancy frame
and put in a tree shape.

Only MUCH better mmmk?
It was a lot of fun looking at my old jewelry and the couple things I 
inherited from my GG to put in my tree ;)

We've been getting the hang of rice cereal around here!
And since we don't have a high chair,
I've been putting her in the ExcerSaucer 
and it works until she decides to bounce hahahaha

She was so exhausted on Saturday she just fell asleep on the couch
it was adorable!

Then last night my dad showed my the error of my ways
for fudge making!
That's right folks!
I made fudge!!!

Look at that beautiful chocolate color and consistency!
Here's what I was doing wrong:
the recipe says 1 can evaporated milk
and in () it says 5 OZ. 
Now me, I just read the one can thing so I've been putting in an entire 12 OZ can....
No worries now folks,
I got this hahahahaha
And I can cross this off my 20 Wishes list!!

And my brother's fiancee snapped this beauty up ;)
She totally loves her Uncle Nick ;)

How was your weekend??

23 November 2012


Hello loves!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!
We had so much fun with both families ;)
We saw Wreck-It-Ralph in the morning (which was adorable BTW)
then went to the Mills' Thanksgiving which Rory got used to after awhile
(just a lot of people hahahaha)
After that was dinner with my family ;)
And Nick's fiancee, Emily brought dulce de leche for which Andrew and I were super
excited about and had to help explain what it was to the family.
Emily's dad served in Buenos Aires on his mission just like Andrew so Nick,
you picked a great girl!! ;)

It was so fun spending time with family and showing off the baby ;)

"My First Thanksgiving" onesie from Gymboree
from our "great aunt" Pam ;)

Then this morning I got a text from a buddy
showing me a toy at Target that Rory "needed"
and I agreed hahaha

So for $17.99 I got her this:

Remember the PlaySkool elephant I wanted to get her?
Well this is basically the same idea but it's a dinosaur!
And it sings/giggles/roars and like 60% cheaper ;)

As you can see, she likes it ;)
She's still hasn't quite gotten the whole,
out the ball in the tail thing but eventually she will ;)

Then she got kinda bored with it,
so she went with her normal blocks 

Pictures mommy!?

Delicious drool no?

Hahahaha I'm so cute it kills you doesn't it?

I hope you all have a happy Black Friday!!
Be sure to be nice to the employees!

Also, check out this great baby giveaway!!

21 November 2012

Playin Around

We just like playing around ;)

She definitely knows when a camera is around 
cuz she stopped giggling immediately 
after Andrew came in with it and 
waited for her picture to be taken hahahaha

Baby girl got another present from her GG and Papa

A new ExcerSaucer!!
She now has one at all three houses ;)
She's on lucky girl and now she's got something else
to play with at my parent's house so they're excited too!
This one is also circus-themed instead of beach themed like the others!
Lion, Tigers, and Elephants oh my!

The Rorester turned 5 months on Monday!!
Holy cow where is the time going??
She can now:
- sit up by herself
- talks all the time
- giggles like crazy
- usually sleeps through the night
- is starting on rice cereal but only taking from a bottle
currently (don't worry, we're working on it)
- knows our voices and responds accordingly
- semi-knows her name
- is trying to hold the bottle on her own
(again we're working on it)
- has 2 teeth with a third one that comes and goes hahahaha

I love this progression of pictures hahaha
I especially love the
"Whatcha lookin at punk" face she's making hahaha

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

19 November 2012

This Week

Hello dears!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
And for those of you that have to work this week, my sympathies! ;)
BUT at least it's only a 3 day week!! YAY!!
Followed by some GREAT shopping deals am I right?!
If only I had the funds to get out there hahaha
Every year I've gotten the Bath and Body Works bag full of goodies
but this year I'm not sure I can even get that!
Not that it's super important, 
BUT I get to exchange the scents in the bag for ones I actually use ;)

About this year's "Black-Friday-turned-open-on-Thanksgiving",
I'm beyond annoyed!
Why can't Thanksgiving stay as a holiday?!
But now stores think they need to open at 6, 8, or 10 PM
just to try and make an extra dollar.
YES I know the economy is bad but shouldn't that make family time THAT much 
more important and that we should treasure it more??
It was a shock to me when I worked at the Disney Store and we opened
at midnight 3 years ago cuz I thought that was crazy.
But at least it was still technically FRIDAY.
Ok rant over.
Seriously though people,
if you get the Bath and Body bag full of goodies,
spare me the pictures of your bounty! 

I am super excited about this year's Thanksgiving!
Mostly because I'M NOT PREGNANT!
So I can actually eat the food!
Oh blessed turkey and potatoes and stuffing!
And turkey sandwiches!
I have missed thee!

What are you looking forward to??

17 November 2012

Slightly mushy - prepare yourselves!

Are y'all prepared for the mushiness that is about to take place?
Good, cuz here we go!

I feel like a lot of the time I don't appreciate how good I've got it.
I try to remember to do that but sometimes I have a hard day 
and it's difficult to see all the goodness.
But I truly do have a blessed life.

I mean, look at my amazing husband and daughter!

This is just a typical night in the Mills house ;)
How on earth did I ever get so lucky?!

Andrew is the best guy in the world really.
He's a great husband to me.
Always tells me he loves me,
kisses me before he goes to work,
(and kisses Rory even when she's asleep)
he provides for our little family so I can stay home with our child.
Sometimes I complain to him that we're getting into a rut,
and that he doesn't "woo" me like he used to
(ya know, notes, poems, flowers that kind of thing)
then I realize how petty I sound,
and I remember everything else he does for me.
Like he's the cook - not me.
I cook on occasion but he's the one that likes to be in the kitchen
making things so I am more than willing to give up my
spatula and apron to him hahahaha
The other night, I was feeling really down,
and Andrew was pretty much asleep so I just sat on the edge of the bed
kinda trying to work through my feelings but didn't want to wake him up.
About 5 minutes later,
Andrew leaned over and said "Alright talk to me. What's wrong love?"
I know that doesn't seem like much but at that moment it was what I needed.

I also have the cutest, most gorgeous, sweetest daughter in the whole world.

I mean look at that smile
I didn't even get the full thing on the camera,
but you get the general idea.
Even when she's screaming at me I can't help but think
how lucky I am to have a baby in the first place.
I know so many women that wish and pray and try all sorts of ways
to get pregnant so they can have their own kids
and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my little Aurora
and that she came relatively easy for me.
I love that she snuggles with me at bedtime,
and when/if she wakes up at like 4 in the morning.
I love that she knows me ;)
It melts my heart when she hears my voice and tries to find me,
no matter how uncomfortable the position may be hahaha

Sometimes we get so caught up with what we don't have,
or don't get that we forget what we DO have.
I have the best family,
even if we are very little,
and I can't believe I'm a wife and mother to the two best people on earth.

My heart is full.


14 November 2012

I Am a Princess

Lauren introduced this on FB and on her blog
and I had to share it.
Grab some tissues ;)

I can't even describe how amazing it is.
It's so true.
Remember that part in 
"Little Princess" when Sarah goes off on Miss Minchin
and says "All girls are princesses,
even they're not pretty or smart,
they're still princesses.
All of us."
 (she said more and it was awesome but I can't remember it all)

My dad would call me his princess,
Andrew did when we were dating,
I'm my Heavenly Father's princess,
and now we have our little princess and she always will be.
I hope I can show Aurora how to be a princess
and ALL that comes with it ;)

13 November 2012

New Nickname...

and it is... "White Female version of Gus!"
As in Gus from Psych 
(if you don't know the show, get to NetFlix and WATCH IT!)

Here's how this went down:
We had been at my GG's house moving the furniture my mom inherited
and a few trinkets for us kids to have of hers ;)
So after we get back to my parents house,
me, my dad, my mom, and my brother were trying to 
get the garage door to come down.
(It's broken BTW)
So after 2 tries we realized we had to cut the cable 
since they already had to replace the door,
it made more sense to just cut our losses,
so my dad gets up on the stepstool and starts to cut the cable.
I'm standing under the door to help catch it if it falls
(I'm starting to giggle just thinking about it)
and all of a sudden I hear the scariest sound of my life
I seriously almost peed myself it was so loud and scary!
I didn't even realize I had run until I turned around!
So I had said I was there to help right?
Then I ran at the first sound of trouble hahahaha
we were DYING of laughter!

That of course brought Andrew, Emily, Trev, and Rory out 
to find out what all the commotion was,
and we were laughing too hard to explain fully,
then Nick caught his breath and said what happened.
As we're about to leave the house,
either my mom or Nick (I can't remember who) said "You pulled a GUS!"
Then they all said "Yeah you're the white female version of Gus!"
And it's true!
I'm also a sympathetic crier,

I'd like to have nice clothes to wear,
have a super sniffer,
I apparently run away from danger as fast as I can,
and I laugh at every dumb thing people do hahaha

So from now on you can call me
"Gus" ;)

09 November 2012


As I sit here eating Snickerdoodles and watching Tinkerbell movies,
I've been reflecting on lots of stuff.
After all this is the thankful month ;)

And I'm usually long-winded and like to talk a lot,
but tonight I'm not in the mood to discuss the things I've thought about
other than that my family is the best.
I mean, seriously.
When life throws nothing but sour lemons at us,
they're there with tons of sugar
and are more than wiling to help us squeeze the juice out.

I am so blessed beyond words.
Maybe later I'll go more into it,
but today I'm spent and I want to snuggle my baby ;)

08 November 2012

20 Wishes

Today is the day to link up your own list of 20 Wishes!!

So first grab the button below
and put it on thy blog somewhere ;)

Truly Lovely

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And link up your list below!!

07 November 2012

Us Part 6

So I went back to California,
and back to work but it wasn't as exciting for me anymore.
I'll be honest, the last like 5 weeks of my internship I just wanted to be home
and spend time with Andrew.
After all, he'd been gone for 2 years!!
July 21 Andrew, Haley, Jamie, Jesse, and Derek came to visit me for a day!
I was so excited!

Earlier that morning we had taken our DCP picture in front of the castle
in our costumes (uniforms) and it was awesome!!

After the picture, a bunch of us went to ride Star Tours
one last time before it closed for refurb,
then I raced to the bus stop,
waited for the bus to finally come,
raced upstairs (4 flights of stairs thank you!)
and got dressed in a cute-ish outfit
(also had to be functional for a day at Disneyland)
and waited for them to get to my apartment so I can hop in the car
and get them into the parking structure for free ;)
I had perks!
Also, the same day they came,
my aunt and uncle and cousins came too!

Andrew and I start walking around Disneyland
and all I could think was
"YES! This is what I've been waiting for"
and I was on cloud one million!
And all my friends wanted to meet him
since they'd heard about him now hahahaha
so we went around and I introduced him to everyone.

We also got into a fight hahaha
about proposals of all things!
We already knew that we were going to get married,
and Andrew was determined not to ask me until
he had a ring and I said I didn't care about it.
We could wait to buy a ring until we could afford it,
we could just get a Mickey ring and live with it for now.
It was a full-on fight between us,
and we had never fought before (and still haven't).
But we decided to just forget it for the day and to  enjoy our time together
in my favorite place and love it ;)

The day progressed on and we were going into Fantasyland,
we were headed to the castle
and I opted to try and take us through the side way cuz it was less crowded.
Andrew of course was adamant about going under it,
so I was like "Ok whatever."
Then I noticed his hand was shaking in mine,
and I was thinking
"Ok well we haven't eaten in awhile, he's probably needing something to eat",
when he stopped me right as we were about to pass under
and asks me 
"What was your dream about this castle?"
I said "Well I wanna live in it, see that tower up there?
It's all mine - I've already got my decorations picked out"
He laughed and said 
"No not that one!"
I gave him a perplexed look,
then he got down on one knee and pulled A RING from his back pocket.
He asked me
"Ali will you marry me?"
I said 
"YES! Y-y-y-yy-essss!!!" and I stammered and shouted
and the whole thing took about 30 seconds 
and only 2 people saw it happen hahahaha
it was great!
I then punched him the arm and called him a "punk face"
for getting into a fight with me about a ring when he had it in his freaking pocket!
And since we were right by the castle,
I took him into the store inside the castle and we got 
"Just Engaged" buttons from my friend Stephanie who was working that night ;)

We went around the rest of the night
showing off our buttons (me) and the ring (Andrew).
Yes you read that right,
I was showing off the buttons and he was showing off the ring hahahaha

Needless to say,
the next 3 weeks of living in California was really hard
especially since all I wanted to do was wedding plan!
But I had a great roommate,
and some great friends that threw me a Disney bridal party,
and almost everyday my leads would make me wear "Just Engaged" buttons
cuz they were so excited for me!
Andrew came to my graduation ceremony,
(you can call me "Duck"ter Bowler thank you very much,
we all received "Duck"terate diplomas hahaha)
then we packed me up and drove home and started wedding plans ;)

And you guys know the rest ;)
If you want specific posts, check the "Our Fairy Tale" tab
and each picture is a link to the post ;)

06 November 2012

20 Wishes

So there I was, feeding Rory at like 6 AM and I get this email from the lovely Kassi 
and her sister Kayli asking me if I wanted to join
them in what they are calling "20 Wishes".
And I was like HECK YEAH!

So here's the dealio:
You make a list of 20 wishes, things you WANT to do, not NEED to do,
and in the next year we actually make them come true!
Totally brilliant yeah?!
Kassi got the idea from a book she read 
and after the unfortunate loss of a dear family friend
she and Kayli decided to make this a reality.
I'm so honored that they wanted me to be involved with it!

05 November 2012


I just wanted to post proof that Rory's fairy has been born!

Now she's been giggling for awhile now but never for this long and this loudly!
And for those that don't know the fairy reference....
first, I'm gonna cry a little bit,
then explain it.

"The first time that a baby laughs,
a fairy's life takes flight!"
- from Tinkerbell the movie

"When the first baby laughed for the first time,
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces
and they all went skipping about.
That was the beginning of fairies."
- from Peter Pan

And yes, my daughter is going to be allowed to believe
in fantasical creatures for as long as she wants to. ;)

04 November 2012


Time to 'fess up!

1. I can't make fudge....
I thought it'd be pretty easy, I mean my dad makes it!
Yeah I suck.....

 My loving cousin mentioned that it looks like an ear...

2. Sometimes I overcompensate.
Like I talk WAY too much when I'm with other adults cuz I forget
that I don't need to make constant noise for them like I do 
with the Rorester......

3. I am SOOOO ready for Election Day to be over.
I hate hearing and seeing people bash others.

4. I don't want to start Rory on Rice cereal....
Basically I'm in denial that my baby is big enough to start eating real (ish) food :(
Don't worry, we're gonna start her on it this week.

5. I finally got to meet Megan and Alexis in the real world!
And did I get any photographic evidence??
NO.....like I said, I should be fired hahahaha
But we had fun!

Alexis I definitely stole this from your FB! ;)

6. I get to have lunch with Katie and her cute baby bump this week!!!
I'm pretty much over the moon excited! ;)

 Katie, I FB stalked you too hahahaha ;)