06 October 2012

The Rorester

For your viewing pleasure:

And some more of the cuteness!

This is her new favorite position to play in ;)
Butt in the air and all four limbs flailing around.

And walking with daddy to give our rent to the leasing office!
First time in the Baby Bjorn!
And isn't that hat the cutest thing ever?!
We need to get her some sunglasses before our day trip to Flagstaff next week!!

Loves to you all!
I promise I'll have a real post here soon!!

Also, for anyone that has questions about my beliefs,
this weekend is our General Conference and I welcome anyone to watch it.
This is one of the 2 times a year our leaders talk to us
all at the same time ;)
It's a great time to learn about what I believe in ;)

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