17 October 2012

Some amazing news!

Thank you very much for all your warm thoughts
and kind words ;)
My GG will be missed but now she's out of pain and is happier ;)

Now to something I've been keeping secret for over 6 weeks!

Oh man, that literally burst from my fingers onto the keyboard!
Alyx and I have been friends for about a year now
(wow Alyx it's really only been a year!?)
BUT she's seriously the best friend I have ;)
She and I are very similar and very different hahaha
we have Skype dates on occasion,
she was sweet enough to send Rory blankets when she as born
(and those are now the only ones she'll actually fall asleep in),
 and she always has something nice to say.
Plus I know I can vent to her and she won't judge me for my craziness hahahaha
Plus she had a shining moment yesterday:
we had been texting all day
cuz I knew she had the dr appointment for the ultrasound and I was super excited about it,
but I didn't tell her about my GG cuz I didn't want to ruin anything for her yesterday.
Well, she basically text yelled at me later for not telling her hahaha
and that's the kind of friend I needed and I love her for it.

to bring a little Garner into the world!
And now that she has finally announced it,
I felt like I needed to shout it from my virtual roof on the blog-o-sphere ;)
So all ya'll need to go watch her vlog where she announces it
cuz it's funny and you'll see how awesome she is ;)

Congrats again friend!!!
I couldn't be happier for you!


  1. Awww you are the best and I seriously love you so much!! I wish we lived closer, because life would be like 150000 times more fun.

  2. How awesome! Congrats Alyx! Thanks for leading me to her blog, too!!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  3. glad that GG is better now!

    and OMG!!!
    Alyx's having a baby!!!
    she has her baby fever problem solved! that's so exciting

  4. Good news is kind of the best thing EVER. congrats alyx!!!

  5. both sad and amazing news! Your faith is amazing.

  6. hahaha its so exciting! and i love how excited you are for her haha
    she's gonna be the most hilarious pregnant blogger i just know it


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