28 October 2012

Precious Moment in Time

Ok I'm sorry to take a break from the giveaways,
but this has been on my mind for about 2 days
and I need to at least type it out here so I get it out ;)

For the past two weeks I had planned to attend an event that Elise and Nichelle
had put together for us AZ bloggers ;)
I was so excited to finally meet these amazing girls I know through the blog-o-sphere.
I had a sitter, I had plans to wear a cute outfit, do my hair, 
SHAVE MY LEGS, oh yeah the whole caboodle.

Everything was set up, I was pumped, and things were going great all day.
Then my sitter had to cancel,
but I was ok with that "I'll just take her with me - no big deal.
Plus then all the girls can meet my adorable daughter!"
I was determined to make it a great night.
Then I get a call from my grandma telling me that 
Rory was having a really rough time over there
(I had forgotten to pack her medicine too - that was a "my bad")
so I said I'd come over as soon as I finished getting dressed 
and fixing my hair real quick.
I rushed over to their house to give her her medicine,
and as soon as I walked in,
I knew I wouldn't be going to the blog party.

She was sleeping on my grandpa,
but her breathing was wheezy and she was very hot to the touch.
The Dr said this would most likely happen because of the 4 shots she had 
that morning but she hadn't reacted at all to the first round,
so I had assumed she wouldn't this time either.
Lesson learned no worries.
When she woke up,
she woke with a cry, heard my voice,
and once I wrapped her in my arms she calmed
and snuggled in close.

I instantly started to tear up.
At first it was because I was going to miss the party I had planning
to attend for 2 weeks.
After all, I didn't think that one night not smelling of baby,
wearing a cute outfit without drool or spit up,
and hair done was too much to ask.
But then I chastised myself.
My daughter is WAY more important than me having a night out.
I felt so badly for my initial reaction,
that the tears spilled out of my eyes as I held my baby close
and comforted her as she whimpered about her pain.
She has another tooth coming in next to the first one,
plus the shots.
She was not a happy baby.

As I drove home with my sleeping babe in the back,
the tears spilled out again.
Because I really did want to go out for a party,
and meet people and make blog life friends real life friends.
And again, the guilt came back.
When I got Rory home,
I rocked and hummed her to sleep and she fell asleep right away.
I thought to myself "This is a moment I will cherish forever."
My sick baby held close to me,
soothed instantly by the sound of my not-so-great singing voice,
and falling asleep with a little sigh
was one of the brightest star points so far of her life with us ;)

So as sad as I was to miss out on the party,
and I really was,
I was happy that I was able to show my daughter how important she is
to me and to help her feel better with my mommy magic.


  1. I'm sad you didn't get to go (if only I lived in AZ! It sounded amazing!), but I love the honesty and beauty in this post. You are such a great momma! Next time you'll make it :)

  2. Aw, I'm sorry hun! I know exactly how you feel - that mommy guilt for wanting to do something for ourselves! This happens to me all the time, we always have a hard time with sitters, etc, so I rarely go anywhere. But hopefully there will be something else soon that you can attend to make up for it!!

  3. I love this! Lately I have been thinking about the difference between performing selfless acts and actually BEING selfless...which I think are two totally different things! I think that actually being selfless involves having a selfless mindset, too. And this post shows me that you totally have it with your sweet daughter! (I think the reason I've been thinking about it so much is because I'm so scared I won't have the mindset when I'm up five times in the middle of the night for feedings! Haha)

  4. I'm glad you were able to see it in a positive light, and I'm sure little Rory loves you more for it. :)


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