13 October 2012

Oh weather how I adore thee!

Firstly I want to say thank you for the kind words
from the last post ;)
They made my day and I'm forever grateful for this great blogging community
we're all a part of ;)

Yesterday I was finally able to open my windows for some fresh air!
I was beyond ecstatic!
I had been up since 4 with Little Miss and some awful cramps (ugh)
but I took advantage of the time to get some cleaning done
and then I ran my errands after she went back to sleep
and I needed a jacket!
I basically ran back into the apartment to open the windows
and let in the beautiful air
and kept my jacket on til Rory woke up and then she kept me warm ;)

 She woke up playing with her Puffalump
(the toy I had when I was a baby)

She and I had a great day together too.
Full of playtime and snuggles and giggles ;) 
Her GG and Papa bought her a bouncer for our house too
(she's not spoiled at all whatsoever hahaha)
So I assembled it and she played in it for about half an hour

It only fits over her closet door hahahaha
but hey if it works,
it works!
And she LOVES IT!

And to show you she's wholly spoiled,
look at the ADORABLE outfit GG and Papa bought her as a surprise
for me and Andrew
(P.S. the bouncer was a surprise too hahaha)

I know you can't see them
but the pants have bows on the bottom of the legs!
I about died of cuteness overload! ;)

Rory also helped me make brownies for daddy,
and we enjoyed the cooler weather together
and are looking forward to many walks outside now!

You know what this weather also means!?
My birthday must be just around the corner!
I know, you all are planning to throw such a party for me right? ;) 
Hahahahaha jk
BUT I want to throw a blog party of sorts!
To do this though I need your help!
I'd love some of you to give stuff away!!
And I'll be giving away a few of my favorite things as well, no worries ;)
Comment below if you're interested!!


  1. Oooh! I would like to contribute somehow!
    Also, that is such a cute outfit! It is so hard to go into Target and NOT go through the baby section- even harder not to buy anything!

  2. I used to have a baby swing like that when I was a baby too! I used to LOVE going on that thing! And that outfit she's wearing is adorable! I wish I had something to contribute to the giveaway, but my college student budget just barely bought me a taco today :( But I can't wait to see how your bloggy party turns out! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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