20 October 2012


Today is my GG's funeral.
I know it will be an emotionally draining day but I'm also happy
that we get to gather as family and friends to celebrate her wonderful life with us ;)
I miss her but again, I'm SOO happy she's with her loved ones that have passed on before her.
I'm so grateful to my Grandpa Frank for loving her these past 15 years
and taking care of her so well.

I'm beyond grateful for the gospel in my life.
It always saddens me when I hear people say they'll never see their loved ones again.
That WOULD be sad wouldn't it?
I'm so happy that because of this gospel and the blessings of the temple 
I'm forever sealed to my GG - hahaha she can't ever get rid of me! ;)

I LOVE this one of her and Grandpa Smith
I never got to meet him in this life
(he died when my mom was 7)
but you can see how much he loved her in this picture ;)

See that cute little boy?!
That's my grandpa!
Such a cutie patootie!

Why yes, that is my mom holding a small child ;)
Hahahaha Stephanie I think??

This describes her so well hahaha
she always liked to have fun and show us how much she loved us.

I can't wait til I get to see her on the other side of the veil 
and hug her and know we'll never have to part again ;)

Love you GG!



  1. i'm sorry for your lost, Ali.
    i'm sure you GG's a wonderful person

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss hun. She was truly beautiful and from the look of all the pictures that goes for both inside and out!

  3. Your GG sounds awesome, and I bet she is so happy to be with all of her family on the other side. She's watching over you, too - I just know it.

  4. Such a sweet post and darling pictures! I'm sorry for your loss but grateful for the hope the gospel gives us all!

  5. What cool pictures of your GG! I love these. I'm glad the funeral was a good experience for you. Families are forever. :)


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