31 October 2012

My Faith

I normally don't get into controversial stuff on the blog
but this has been pressing on my mind for a bit here,
so I'm gonna just write it and hope for the best.

Most of you know that I'm LDS (or Mormon) and if you didn't
now you do hahahaha
I was born into the church and have lived with it my whole life.
It's a big part of who I am
and who I hope to become as I grow and learn.

With the presidential election,
"Mormonism" has been put under a microscope
and discussed and often criticized.
I get that people just want to understand about what we believe,
so let me tell you.

"We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost"
Article of Faith 1
We also believe that They are three separate Beings
and that They help us to be the best people we can be.

We believe that families are forever.
Meaning that when we're married it's not
"Til death do us part"
it's forever.
And our children are included in the sealing of their parents
so that we are always together.

We believe that children under the age of 8
are already saved so we don't baptize them until they are 8 years old.
If a child happens to pass away before they turn 8,
they are automatically welcomed back to our Heavenly Father's presence.
After we are baptized by immersion
(meaning fully covered by the water)
we are responsible for our actions now and will be judged accordingly
on Judgement Day.

The Book of Mormon.
This book is a companion to the Bible.
It is a record of the people that lived in the ancient Americas
before, during, and after Christ's ministry in Jerusalem.
It is also a non-corrupt book of scripture as it was translated directly
from Gold Plates that were found in the Hill Cumorah in New York.
And to me, it's a book full of truth that not only complements the Bible,
it helps complete it by reaffirming the truths we learn in it.

Like the whole thing about caffeine.
Here's the deal:
The "rule" is that you don't want to have things that are harmful to your body,
and caffeine in high doses is harmful.
BUT we are not being evil if we drink caffeinated sodas.
(Dr Pepper is my friend ;) And my brother LOVES Diet Pepsi)

Also, I want those that aren't LDS to please not base
your opinion of the GOSPEL on the members alone.
There are people that will take things to extremes,
but know that they are not the entire membership.
A lot of people have said that Mormons are racist,
they're secretive,
they're a cult.
As a CHURCH and in the GOSPEL we are absolutely not.
The Gospel 
(the Gospel refers to the scriptures and teachings of the Savior)
is pure and perfect.
PEOPLE aren't.
People are still people and have their own opinions
and will always have them.

I know lots of people ask about our temples and why
not everyone can go inside
and what goes on in there.
Here's the deal:
our temples are SACRED.
They represent heaven on earth, quite literally.
Now before a temple is dedicated,
there's an open house where anyone CAN enter in and see most of it
for free and if you are near a new temple GO!
After it is dedicated though,
only members with recommends can enter and do the work that goes on.
It's not secretive, it's sacred.
That's why only members with recommends can go in,
they HAVE to be worthy.

There are many religions out there
and pretty much all of them get persecuted by others
which to me just proves that Satan/the devil/the Evil One or whatever you call him
doesn't want ANY of us to know ANY truth.
Regardless of religious affiliation, he doesn't want us to be happy
and know any truth that our loving Father in Heaven wants us to know.

I know that I am blessed beyond reason 
because of my belief in God and His Son.
I believe that all religions deserve respect and should not be mocked.
Hopefully this helped someone understand us a little better,
and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have
to the best of my ability ;)


  1. Well said. You gave me goosebumps. :) I second everything you just said, girl. And yes, it all comes down to our Savior Jesus Christ. Everything else is just details.

  2. i love the gospel. how lucky we are to have the truthfulness here on the earth today! i love how you explained things...very well done ali!

  3. I love this church. And I hope people that had ill incorrect feelings about it before can look at it now in a different light. Thanks for sharing.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  4. This is really well written. Way to go, Ali.

    I'm so grateful for the gospel.

  5. Every mormon I have ever met in person has been lovely warm and welcoming. I don't like Mitt Romney but that has nothing to do with his faith, just his policies and tactics.

    I am glad you said all religions should be respected, that's how I feel, and religion bashing really annoys me.

  6. You explained some key things simply and succinctly. Nicely written :)


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