05 October 2012


Can I get a Hallelujah it's Friday!?

Anyways, here are the latest happenin's ;)

Used my sewing machine for the first time!!!
And made a pillow from fabric my mom has been saving for YEARS for me hahaha
and yes, I still like unicorns.
I am five ;)

Rory watched the debate.
Or so we thought ;)

We finally got a playmat for her for our place!
$5 on FB thank you very much!

Last night we had my bros over and played Settlers!

And Rory found a new favorite perch and snack ;)
Trev was honored and slightly grossed out by her eating his hair hahahaha

I promise my other brother Nick DOES hold her and feed her and such,
last night she just really wanted to play
and Nick was beating my husband on Super Mario Smash Brothers,
so Uncle Trevor entertained the baby ;)

P.S. Still on the lookout for people to help with my
birthday week of giveaways!
Go to my FB page and comment if you wanna help out!! ;)

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