21 October 2012


Time to 'fess up again!

1. I'm hoping I have enough giveaways for my birthday hahahaha
I know this isn't a huge deal to most but I love to celebrate stuff
 so I like having things to give away ;)

2. I laughed more than I cried at my GG's funeral yesterday.
But that's a good thing,
my grandma did the eulogy and instead of doing a boring timeline of events,
she told stories she had gotten from the family ;)
One from me was when Trevor was born we were staying with her (me and my other brother Nick)
and she came to tell us that my mom had had a baby boy.
I said "No she had a girl and her name is McKenzie"
(my 7 year old wisdom).
* partial back story - my mom as convinced it was a girl so so was I ;)*
My GG just smiled and said "Well she had a boy named Trevor"
and I didn't believe her til we got to the hospital and saw proof hahaha

3. I'm trying rally hard to stres/hope/cry too much over our future living situation.
More detials to come later - I juts can't at this moment get into it,
but happy thoughts would be muchly appreciated ;)

4. My daughter is the cutest!

5. I can't WAIT for Christmas!!!
It's my favorite time of year and I love lighting the Christmas tree everyday - ahhh bliss


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  1. Things with your living situation will all work out, I just know it!!!
    Thanks for linking up, sorry I'm just now visiting.


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