01 October 2012

"Fall" where are you??

Holy smokes!
But this month just means that all my favorite things are coming at super sonic speeds!
(just as FYI - all photos are from my Pinterest!)

My birthday (the 29th)

Yes I want this for the party I know y'all are throwing for me right?? ;)
Hahahaha jk

3-4 family Thanksgivings hahahaha
and finally,
I love this picture so much!

Oh yeah ;)

I couldn't be more excited that the weather is FINALLY starting to cool down,
and by cool down I mean that it's only 100*
instead of 120* hahahaha
and this weekend is supposedly gonna be down to the 90s!
Sad isn't it? ;)
By the time it hits my birthday, the highs are around 80*
and then the nights are cool enough for a jacket!

AND this year we have the Rorester to dress up for Halloween!
Do I know what we're gonna do yet?
Heck no hahahaha 

Have y'all seen Kung Fu Panda 2??
Oh yeah I want a baby panda!

AND this year on my birthday I'm planning to NOT be sick!
For the past 3 years I've been sick on every birthday,
no joke.
So this year is the year I WILL NOT be sick!
Plus I have the greatest gift ever already!
This little girl makes me so happy!

I'll tell you what though.
I flip-flop emotions everyday.
I'm super happy and enjoying every little minute with Rory,
then later I keep thinking
"Oh just wait til she is big enough to do this!
Or wear this!
Or talk about this!"
Then I feel like I'm not enjoying her as she is right now.
I love listening to her make noises and try her hardest to talk to us.
Yesterday at church we were in the chapel after sacrament meeting
cuz she had fallen asleep so we stayed there where it was quieter
(and it was going to be a combined RS/Priesthood mtg)
and when she woke up she would NOT stop talking hahahaha
and in the chapel her voice echoes which she loves,
oh dear.....
there was another baby asleep so we went out to the foyer where she wasn't as loud,
but I'm also super proud of her for trying so hard to talk.

 I love you little girl!


  1. I am with ya there so many fun exciting things coming up now! Yay!

  2. I love baby halloween costumes!! They are so cute!


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