27 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!!

Are you having fun yet!?
Yeah you should be! 
I love giving stuff away to you guys
(like it's all me....right...)
I have the BEST ladies in the world that are willing to help a girl out!

Today is one of best bloggy (and real life) friends, Alyx!
Yes the newly impregnanted one and for whom I'm BEYOND excited for!
Without further ado,
Alyx ;)

Yo, yo, yo! Just want to wish Ali a happy happy birthday, 
and give you all, her readers,
 a present for being super cool and supporting her. 
She's one of my besties, 
so you guys better know that it's an awesome present.

Okay, maybe not super awesome, 
but I hope you guys think it's at least kinda cool. 
I wanted to give one of you lucky readers a feature ad space on my blog for January. 
You get the chance to do a solo guest post, 
a giveaway, 
and you'll probably be the subject of a horribly written rap song 
or jingle that talks about how awesome your blog is. 
If that doesn't convince you to enter, then I don't know what will.

You guys she has an AWESOME blog!
And you'll get some great exposure for your blog!

Also, don't forget the other ones!!



  1. my favorite part of November is...it's rainy season in Indonesia. and that it's the new season of my job. so it means another adventures to go!

  2. My favourite part of November is it means University ends for the year in New Zealand!! And I GRADUATE at the end of this one! Woop woop!

  3. My favourite part of November is MY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Happy Birthday! My favorite part of November is drinking lots of hot chocolate, cozy DVD nights, and fall shopping!

  5. Happy (soon-to-be) Birthday, Alyx!! I loooove November birthday's too..especially because it's my favorite boy's birthday month as well (my special little guy turns 8 this year). That's why I love November!

  6. My favorite part of November is Thanksgiving - food & family are always good!

  7. My favorite part of November is the food!!

  8. Pretty fall days and Thanksgiving!!

  9. My favorite part of November is that it really and truly starts to be Fall in Florida!

  10. It's my birthday month too! Yay!

  11. My favorite part of November has got to be Thanksgiving. Girl loves to eat, yo.


  12. My favourite part of November is that the weather here in Australia finally starts to go from freezing cold to stinking hot, meaning I get out of my winter funk and get a spring in my step :)

  13. My Fav part is Thanksgiving!! And Christmas shopping!

  14. The weather and its the start of the holidays!

  15. Wow...well both the anniversary for starting to date my husband and marry him fall in November. It is also the month I got baptized and became a LDS. I get to decorate for Christmas, and of course eat yummy Thanksgiving Day food : ) I am suddenly realizing how great November is!

  16. Thanksgiving is definitely the best part about November! I love that holiday - family time, yummy food, and football :)

  17. I actually am not fond of November - so I am going to say it's Alyx's birthday.


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