26 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

I'm excited for you guys!!
Yet another great gal gving away another great thing!!
This Kolie from Stubborn Delight!
She just married her hunk of a husband and I think they're adorable!!
Happy Birthday, Ali!!
I thought I could tell y'all a bit about myself before showing you what I have to giveaway!!
I'm Nikole, or Kolie. 
I'm married to a wonderful wonderful man of wonderfulness,
named Taylor or Tay or T-cat.
...not really T-cat.
Anyway, I blog at Stubborn Delight,
and basically I blog about...well, whatever I want.

(this is us...:D )
I really hope you come by and visit, it won't go unnoticed!! I promise :)
And now, drum-roll please..
Look what I'm giving away to you for Ali!
(Isn't she just wonderful?)

It's a rose feather ring, and some cute and kind of Halloweenish earrings!!
I love making jewelry :) 
( And DON'T forget to wish Ali Happy Birthday!)
Oh my gosh Kolie!
SOOO cute!
Don't foget to enter the other giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My pearl necklace. A classic <3

  2. My favorite piece of jewelry is hands-down, my wedding ring.

  3. So cute! My favorite pieces of jewelry are my wedding ring and the pearl earrings my dad gave me.


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