25 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Are you guys having fun yet??
I know I am!
I'm so jealous of all of you that you get to enter these great giveaways!
Today Lauren from My Happy Thought is here!
She's adorable and has a really cute husband and SUPER pretty baby Paisley!
The floor's yours Lauren!
Happy Birthday Week to Ali! 
I love birthdays! 
Drinks all around! 
(Soda only folks! Nothin stronger than a Mountain Dew here!)

I was so excited when Ali asked me to participate 
but I ran out of time to do something totally epic, 
so I'd like to offer FREE AD SPACE on My Happy Thought  
for 3 whoppin months! 
Also, I'd love you to do a guest post and we can hopefully get some traffic going for ya.
 I get approximately 200+ views a day so we can definitely get some exposure for you! 

Over at My Happy Thought, I blog about the silly things in life that make us human. 
Nobody is perfect, so lets laugh when things don't work out and lets celebrate when it does! 
I love taking pictures of my baby girl and I love snuggling with my hubbs. 
I love anything DIY and I work as a princess
You heard me right.

Head on over. 
Tell me YOUR happy thought (happy thoughts give you wings!) 
And let's be friends! 
A very happy birthday to the amazing Ali. 
Hope its magical!
Isn't she adorable!?
I love Lauren!!

Don't forget the other giveaways too!!



  1. My happiest thought revolves around anything having to do with family. I just LOVE being around my family!

  2. My happiest thought is any thought I have while hanging out with my husband. Even the "oh goll..please don't." ones are happy with him!

  3. My happiest thought is anything that involves my friends and family, especially fun parties with them. They're awesome!



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