24 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Today we have the lovely Sydney!
We met while working together 5 years ago and we've been friends ever since!
She has 2 GORGEOUS daughters and they're funny too ;)
But enough of me gabbering!
Take it away Sydney!
Hey everyone! First and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!!!!!!!
 Secondly...a little about myself.
My name is Sydney, I am a wife, mother of 2 lovely and very energetic girls.
I stay at home getting to enjoy helping the grow and florish
into lovely young ladies.
I love painting, crafts and especially photography.
I am LDS aka Mormon.
 I type kind of in a scatter brained sort of way, so please forgive me.
I know Ali because we were blessed to work together at an after school program for kids,
she is one of the best co-workers I have ever had,
and love that we have made a wonderful friendship out of it!

I feel so privileged that Ali asked me if I would be willing to host a
giveaway for her Birthday Giveaway week
(which is by far one of the coolest ideas ever)
Of course I said yes!
First thought was I would do a photo session giveaway,
then realized not everyone who reads Ali's blog is in Arizona or necessarily close by.
So I quickly thought of something I could do,
 and thought "HEY, Halloween is almost over
and I will be putting up my Christmas decor after that
and planned to make Christmas blocks,
I will just make an extra set of each!"
Yes I am one of THOSE people who celebrates Christmas for as long as possible,
why because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Who would want to drag out Holiday cheer, Christmas music, Christmas movies,
 Christmas lights, over all good feelings, celebrating the birth of Jesus,
Santa Clause coming and the list goes on.
Not to mention I have two little girls who love the Holiday months
pretty much as much as my hubby and I do so basically
we live and breathe Christmas early and have no shame!
Anyway had previously done Halloween ones that say "BOO" and "EEK"
since we love Halloween a lot too
see image below...

   and really loved them, 
which lead me to want to make Chirstmas versions saying "HO HO HO" and "JOY" 
So last night I finally accomplished staying up late 
and working on them while watching Charmed 
(yes I know it ended years ago, but Netflix loves me and has it one there) 
Now if only they would add Full House and Boy Meets World, my world would be complete : ) Okay back on topic...so here are the finished products of the Christmas blocks...

So here is the deal, one of you lucky reader's will get to win both sets of Christmas blocks,
and can even earn extra entries by...wait for it...
following me on Instagram, Twitter, or by Forever Dream Photography blog!

I really hope whoever wins them loves them!


Didn't I tell you she's lovely and amazing?!
Yeah I know she rocks!

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