23 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Hey everyone!
You guys are all super lucky cuz Mary has another giveaway for you!!
I love her and so will you!!


Hey there!
How’s it going?
 Aren’t you loving Ali’s birthday week? I love anyone that gives when they could receive! 
She is great, huh? And don’t you just love her baby? 
Makes me remember when my baby cakes was that little =]
 Anyways, a bit about me.
 I’m Mary, your all-around awesome person.
I blog over at The Adventure Wagon.

See me there? I am being awesome.

I am a determined wife, more than just a stay at home mom, a blogger beginning her journey, 
a writer-in-training, full-time adventurer, all-the-time homemaker, and a dedicated dog owner.
My blog is supposed to incorporate all that. 
 Plus, my husband is in Agriculture (currently getting his MS in Agronomy), 
so, I like to incorporate the farmers side of life as well when I can.
Overall, my blog is about 3 people (my husband, daughter and myself), 
our two dogs, and our Yukon- that has and will take us all over this country on our many adventures. 

I like to look on the bright side, and strive to enjoy the journey- 
so stop on by, and stay for a while. =]
Now, as you may have been able to tell from the picture above- 
I sorta graduated with my BA in English. 
So, since I am still learning to get my craft-on, and in true spirit on English Majors 
(I also named my puppy, which was my graduation present, 
Scout, after one of my favorite books- To Kill a Mockingbird), I have decided to give away a:
 $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble! !!

Barnes & Noble is a [not so] secret love of mine.
I am pretty sure we stop by there on any date night, and browse.
 Who doesn’t love the smell of new books?
Exactly. =]


Oh my goodness aren't you guys so spoiled?!
Good luck to all of you!!
Go here to enter the first giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. I recently read Heaven is Here and I think I would buy that because it was so good!


  2. I'm definitely gonna get a new journal! I only have 3 pages left in mine!

  3. I would love to read Gone Girl---great giveaway!

  4. At first I had no idea what book I would get...there are so many to choose from! But I like the first commenter's idea. Haven't read it, but I've heard it's good.

  5. I would buy an Elephant and Piggie book that I don't already own. I'm a sucker for kid lit and I LOVE Mo Willems.

  6. I think I'd buy the new JK Rowling book, The Casual Vacancy. The Harry Potter series was great so I'm very curious to see what she will do next.

  7. I have been wanting to read Heaven is Here, too! That was my first thought :)

  8. Books for my hubby and toddler for Christmas! I'm not sure what yet, just that they are definitely on the list. Reading rocks!

  9. I just read "How to Look Expensive" and kind of fell in love with all the great tips in there. That'd be the first thing I grab in B&N.



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