22 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Hello my lovelies!!
The first of the giveaways is from my friend Courtney
that I've known since high school!
 You'll all love it!


Hey All!! 

I am Courtney from over at Musings of A Marvelous Me!
I have known Ali for several years now,
and I'm honored to be a part of this giveaway.

I teach in 2nd grade, and while that takes up most of my day, when I have time,
I love to do arts and crafts,
and one of you lovely readers will win
your choice of an art piece created by yours truly. 

I started drawing in elementary school,
and I have loved doing it for fun.
Recently, I decided to try my hand at painting,
and I'm attempting more and more
(when I'm not busy writing, of course).
My favorite mediums are colored pencils, ink, and acrylic,
 although I have also worked with watercolor as a background (as seen below).

Here are some samples,
and the winner will get to choose the medium
and topic (phrase/name and/or object) of the picture. 



Isn't she great?!
 Courtney painted a picture for Rory's room
and I'm gonna hang it as soon as I can get a frame!



  1. I would use one for my Baby's room too! Or the living room to just add a bit of detail to our plain walls (we rent so every wall is white and we're not allowed to paint it)

  2. My little nephew LOVES bumble bees. I think I would send him the photo with a little note! So cute!

    amanda @ we and serendipity


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