29 October 2012

Birthday!!!! And MY giveaway!

Hello my lovelies!
First let me say thank you for the wonderful words you
all left me yesterday ;)
They made me feel so good and warm inside!!
So today is the day!
Yes officially my day of birth ;)
I have discovered I have a new-found sense of respect for that phrase
seeing as I went through the birth process myself recently hahaha

Anyways, tangent....moving on!
So now it's MY turn to shower you with goodies
(or at least as much as I can)

So for my birthday I'm giving one lucky person,
Peter Pan on DVD

Cuz all it takes is
"faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust"
to fly and make dreams come true.
And we all know that I love to believe that I can fly hahahaha

Also you shall be receiving
treats for your movie night at home:

 Something like this at least ;)

the Musical History of Disneyland CDs

AND the Classic Disney CDs
Volumes 1-5

AND as if that's not enough,
and for those that maybe aren't Disney fans,
this clutch wallet:

Isn't it so cute?!
Good luck to all!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As if you guys weren't lucky enough,
I have ANOTHER treat for you!!

The lovely Kylie from Love Always
has made this adorable headband for one of you!!

Oh my gosh right?!
Kylie is so sweet and wonderful!
She blogs about her hubs TJ and their 2 month old son Jake!
(whom by the way HAS to date my daughter at least once,
he's THAT cute!)
Go check her out and love her as much as I do!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. My favorite childhood memory....hmmmm. Probably anytime I was playing sports with my big brothers. :)
    Happy Birthday lovely! :)

  2. First, happy birthday Ali! Second, I don't know if it's my "favorite," but when I was 3, I asked for a "chocolate" Barbie...aka an African American Barbie. And I got one.

  3. My favorite childhood memory was when my family and I went to Yellowstone with my uncle, and cousin. It was so fun! There was a buffalo within reaching distance! And a coyote in the parking lot. :) It was just awesome and magical for me.

  4. Favorite childhood memory---I loved summer vacations visiting my grandparents, especially at the beach!


  5. I don't know if this is my favorite FAVORITE childhood memory, but one time my mom made all of us green eggs and ham for breakfast in the morning. It all felt so magical!

  6. My mom used to babysit, so some of my fave childhood memories are really just hanging out with those kids in my woods and whatnot (sledding in the winnter, etc.) It was like I had a lot of siblings when I didn't really!

  7. Favourite childhood memory for me has got to be when I was about 11 and my family and I spent a month in the States going to Wisconsin to see family, Utah to check out the Church sites there and meet friends of my Mum and then California for the "tourist adventure" part of our trip i.e. Sea World, Disneyland, Hollywood etc. THE. MOST. AMAZING. HOLIDAY. EVERRR! Because I seriously [heart] Disney but also because it was a holiday my family spent a LONG time saving for! :)

  8. OH! Am I aloud to enter if I am one of the previous host for a giveaway! So want!

  9. Second- Favorite childhood memory...for a while lived with my great grandmother, and even though I know I was 3 and people may believe this memory to be false, I remember her home, the layout, the feel the smell, and one day she gave me one of those Barbie's where you could design and decorate their jean dress and jean skirt. I will forever cherish this memory and the memory of that home.

    Second- Favorite family tradition...my husband and I and now with our girls love Christmas so so much! (see my gievaway post on here haha) and we have 2 Christmas decor traditions, one being that November 1st we put up all our indoor Christmas decor and 2nd being the weekend if Thanksgiving we put up all out Christmas lights!

  10. My nana made my sister and I matching fancy fairy outfits and we went to a fairy party together. I remeber feeling super pretty and it was so much fun!

  11. Childhood memory - Part of our "bedtime routine" growing up my mom would sing "Goodnight Sleep Tight" from the Lawrence Welk Show and do a little dance with us. We each would get our own turn. Since there were 11 of us, that's kind of a big deal. I loved it! I now do it with my girls :)

  12. Fave childhood memory - going for long walks with my grandpa.

  13. And... I love our christmas tradition of reading the story of Christ's birth on Christmas eve.


  14. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you're having a great day and getting spoiled rotten. You are too cute for doing these giveaways.

    Favorite childhood memory? We used to live in Hawaii and on Sundays we often took family bike rides down to Pearl Harbor. My brother and I would stick our hands in the sea anenomies and search for hermit crabs.

  15. favorite childhood memory? that's a tough one. probably our family trip to canada. looooved it!(:

    happy birthday!!!

  16. My favorite childhood memory was when my sister and I would makeup these awesome inexpensive games around he house. We would play house, school, and play store. We would have lots of fun with toys and stuff that we already had.

  17. favorite childhood memory: going to my first theme park (Lagoon) when I was 7!

  18. My favorite part of childhood was having the whole summer to do fun stuff and play :)

  19. Oh man, how do you choose one favorite? I think I'll have to say holidays in general. I loved getting to hang out with my family and play with my cousins. And eat yummy food!

  20. Favorite childhood memory... The punch balloon on the bunk bed. No idea why that still makes me laugh because it was strange then. There wasn't anything special. I just walked into my room and there was a punch balloon on the bed and I started cracking up and then crying. It still makes me laugh to this day. I was such a weird kid.

  21. My favorite childhood memory... That is hard to pick just one. I would say I just loved being with my family all the time! Now that I am older it makes me miss how much my family was together when we were little :)

  22. Since the holidays are coming up, i would say my favorite family tradition is our candle light dinner we have for Christmas Eve. I LOVE IT! :)


  23. Favorite childhood memory is going night swimming in our pool with my uncle

  24. My favorite tradition in our family is what we do on Thanksgiving. We get to eat with both families and enjoy their company. We try and play some games together and we also try and watch a movie. By the end of the night we set up our game plan for shopping on black friday :)

  25. Hi Ali. Happy Belated Birthday!
    My favorite memory growing up was our summers at the beach. I'll never forget them. Thanks for being SO generous with your giveaway. Your blog so cute.

    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  26. Favorite childhood memory is Christmases spent with my family.

    Weird comment is because I'm on my phone. Haha


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