08 October 2012

Aurora's Blessing Day

SO we blessed Rory in church on the 16th of September
and Perla was super amazing enough to take pictures for us to remember the day ;)

For those that don't know,
in the Mormon church a baby is blessed by their father
(or other father type figure)
and it's a special prayer just for the baby ;)

Andrew did an amazing job and yes I cried through the whole thing ;)
And my lovely daughter tarted talking into the microphone
as soon as they walked up to the front,
then she started to fuss,
so all the men started "the bounce" and she quieted ;)

I love that they have the same expression hahaha

Nick, Papa Smith, Grandpa Mills, Dad, Rory, Grandpa Bowler, Great-Grandpa Frank
And Nick missed the "look at the baby" cue hahaha

 Some mommy time ;)

Look at those eyes!


Everyone that came!

The great-grandparents from my side

See my grandpa's face?
That is how he looks every time he sees her ;)
And she LOVES him right back ;)

With the Bowlers

With the Mills

In transition

With the great grandparents from Andrew's side-
and she was just really tired of all the pictures I promise!

I LOVE this one of Rory with her grandma ;)

We wanted one with the girls too ;)
I missed the blue/green memo hahaha

Us ;)

See how tired the poor thing was??
She snuggled right into me and fell asleep right after this picture was taken ;)

Ok, can I be selfish for a minute and mention my dress?
I got it from eShakti.com and had it custom sized cuz none of the pre-done sizes
fit my post-pardum body hahaha
I loved pockets before I was a mom,
now they're basically essential to my wardrobe ;)


  1. Happy Blessing Day! What a sweet little dolly and mama all dressed up!

  2. She's precious! I'm nervous Jake will scream through his...

  3. Looks like a great day. She has such gorgeous eyes! And I love that dress!!

  4. Oh "the bounce". Makes me laugh every time I see it. My nephew hates being bounced so when they started bouncing him it was a total disaster. Haha!

    Congratulations on that special occasion for your little princess! She sure looks precious. :)

  5. What a beautiful blessing day! And to have all the family there!?! So awesome!

  6. Awww, love baby blessings! I'm sure it was perfect!

  7. Love her dress! Congrats - can't wait for my girl's blessing day in a few months!


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