31 October 2012

My Faith

I normally don't get into controversial stuff on the blog
but this has been pressing on my mind for a bit here,
so I'm gonna just write it and hope for the best.

Most of you know that I'm LDS (or Mormon) and if you didn't
now you do hahahaha
I was born into the church and have lived with it my whole life.
It's a big part of who I am
and who I hope to become as I grow and learn.

With the presidential election,
"Mormonism" has been put under a microscope
and discussed and often criticized.
I get that people just want to understand about what we believe,
so let me tell you.

30 October 2012


Hello lovelies!!
First I wanna say:


Yeah I know you know that you guys are great, 
but really give yourselves a big pat on the back ;)
You deserve it!
(Also, all giveaways will be ending this week 
so hurry and enter them all!! 1/2/3/4/5/6)

 I had a great birthday spending time with Rory ;)
Well first we went with Andrew to a job interview
(we waited in Burlington while he was there),
then we took him to work in Chandler,
then met up with my mom for lunch at Sweet Cakes
(pretty much the BEST sandwich shop in AZ,
and featured on TLC's best bakeries!)
and we hung out at the MAC for a little bit to give my mom a break
from set load in
(AYT's Once on This Island opens today!).
Then we came home and I put her down for a nap
(MUCH needed nap might I add)
and I built her little ExcerSaucer that GG and Papa bought her for Christmas!
and later we picked Andrew up from work and got Sonic for dinner ;)

She's even cute while crying!
I can't stand it!

I am so blessed!
I have the best husband that spoils me rotten,
the cutest daughter that still likes to snuggle
(I'm getting in all the snuggles I can before she gets too big for them),
the best parents for being so wonderful and supportive,
and of course the best grandparents that love on my daughter as much as I do ;)
Speaking of grandparents,
y'all should check out my grandma's blog!
Yep, she blogs people!
And yes, Rory makes appearances a lot of the time hahahaha

Also, my mom made me this for my birthday!!

Oh yeah, it's a magnet board!!
I picked the fabric
(I like bright colors obviously hahaha)
and she made it as a surprise and I LOVE IT!
So people, send me pictures or fun things I can put on my board! ;)


29 October 2012

Birthday!!!! And MY giveaway!

Hello my lovelies!
First let me say thank you for the wonderful words you
all left me yesterday ;)
They made me feel so good and warm inside!!
So today is the day!
Yes officially my day of birth ;)
I have discovered I have a new-found sense of respect for that phrase
seeing as I went through the birth process myself recently hahaha

Anyways, tangent....moving on!
So now it's MY turn to shower you with goodies
(or at least as much as I can)

So for my birthday I'm giving one lucky person,
Peter Pan on DVD

Cuz all it takes is
"faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust"
to fly and make dreams come true.
And we all know that I love to believe that I can fly hahahaha

Also you shall be receiving
treats for your movie night at home:

 Something like this at least ;)

the Musical History of Disneyland CDs

AND the Classic Disney CDs
Volumes 1-5

AND as if that's not enough,
and for those that maybe aren't Disney fans,
this clutch wallet:

Isn't it so cute?!
Good luck to all!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As if you guys weren't lucky enough,
I have ANOTHER treat for you!!

The lovely Kylie from Love Always
has made this adorable headband for one of you!!

Oh my gosh right?!
Kylie is so sweet and wonderful!
She blogs about her hubs TJ and their 2 month old son Jake!
(whom by the way HAS to date my daughter at least once,
he's THAT cute!)
Go check her out and love her as much as I do!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


28 October 2012

Precious Moment in Time

Ok I'm sorry to take a break from the giveaways,
but this has been on my mind for about 2 days
and I need to at least type it out here so I get it out ;)

For the past two weeks I had planned to attend an event that Elise and Nichelle
had put together for us AZ bloggers ;)
I was so excited to finally meet these amazing girls I know through the blog-o-sphere.
I had a sitter, I had plans to wear a cute outfit, do my hair, 
SHAVE MY LEGS, oh yeah the whole caboodle.

Everything was set up, I was pumped, and things were going great all day.
Then my sitter had to cancel,
but I was ok with that "I'll just take her with me - no big deal.
Plus then all the girls can meet my adorable daughter!"
I was determined to make it a great night.
Then I get a call from my grandma telling me that 
Rory was having a really rough time over there
(I had forgotten to pack her medicine too - that was a "my bad")
so I said I'd come over as soon as I finished getting dressed 
and fixing my hair real quick.
I rushed over to their house to give her her medicine,
and as soon as I walked in,
I knew I wouldn't be going to the blog party.

She was sleeping on my grandpa,
but her breathing was wheezy and she was very hot to the touch.
The Dr said this would most likely happen because of the 4 shots she had 
that morning but she hadn't reacted at all to the first round,
so I had assumed she wouldn't this time either.
Lesson learned no worries.
When she woke up,
she woke with a cry, heard my voice,
and once I wrapped her in my arms she calmed
and snuggled in close.

I instantly started to tear up.
At first it was because I was going to miss the party I had planning
to attend for 2 weeks.
After all, I didn't think that one night not smelling of baby,
wearing a cute outfit without drool or spit up,
and hair done was too much to ask.
But then I chastised myself.
My daughter is WAY more important than me having a night out.
I felt so badly for my initial reaction,
that the tears spilled out of my eyes as I held my baby close
and comforted her as she whimpered about her pain.
She has another tooth coming in next to the first one,
plus the shots.
She was not a happy baby.

As I drove home with my sleeping babe in the back,
the tears spilled out again.
Because I really did want to go out for a party,
and meet people and make blog life friends real life friends.
And again, the guilt came back.
When I got Rory home,
I rocked and hummed her to sleep and she fell asleep right away.
I thought to myself "This is a moment I will cherish forever."
My sick baby held close to me,
soothed instantly by the sound of my not-so-great singing voice,
and falling asleep with a little sigh
was one of the brightest star points so far of her life with us ;)

So as sad as I was to miss out on the party,
and I really was,
I was happy that I was able to show my daughter how important she is
to me and to help her feel better with my mommy magic.

27 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!!

Are you having fun yet!?
Yeah you should be! 
I love giving stuff away to you guys
(like it's all me....right...)
I have the BEST ladies in the world that are willing to help a girl out!

Today is one of best bloggy (and real life) friends, Alyx!
Yes the newly impregnanted one and for whom I'm BEYOND excited for!
Without further ado,
Alyx ;)

Yo, yo, yo! Just want to wish Ali a happy happy birthday, 
and give you all, her readers,
 a present for being super cool and supporting her. 
She's one of my besties, 
so you guys better know that it's an awesome present.

Okay, maybe not super awesome, 
but I hope you guys think it's at least kinda cool. 
I wanted to give one of you lucky readers a feature ad space on my blog for January. 
You get the chance to do a solo guest post, 
a giveaway, 
and you'll probably be the subject of a horribly written rap song 
or jingle that talks about how awesome your blog is. 
If that doesn't convince you to enter, then I don't know what will.

You guys she has an AWESOME blog!
And you'll get some great exposure for your blog!

Also, don't forget the other ones!!


26 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

I'm excited for you guys!!
Yet another great gal gving away another great thing!!
This Kolie from Stubborn Delight!
She just married her hunk of a husband and I think they're adorable!!
Happy Birthday, Ali!!
I thought I could tell y'all a bit about myself before showing you what I have to giveaway!!
I'm Nikole, or Kolie. 
I'm married to a wonderful wonderful man of wonderfulness,
named Taylor or Tay or T-cat.
...not really T-cat.
Anyway, I blog at Stubborn Delight,
and basically I blog about...well, whatever I want.

(this is us...:D )
I really hope you come by and visit, it won't go unnoticed!! I promise :)
And now, drum-roll please..
Look what I'm giving away to you for Ali!
(Isn't she just wonderful?)

It's a rose feather ring, and some cute and kind of Halloweenish earrings!!
I love making jewelry :) 
( And DON'T forget to wish Ali Happy Birthday!)
Oh my gosh Kolie!
SOOO cute!
Don't foget to enter the other giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

25 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Are you guys having fun yet??
I know I am!
I'm so jealous of all of you that you get to enter these great giveaways!
Today Lauren from My Happy Thought is here!
She's adorable and has a really cute husband and SUPER pretty baby Paisley!
The floor's yours Lauren!
Happy Birthday Week to Ali! 
I love birthdays! 
Drinks all around! 
(Soda only folks! Nothin stronger than a Mountain Dew here!)

I was so excited when Ali asked me to participate 
but I ran out of time to do something totally epic, 
so I'd like to offer FREE AD SPACE on My Happy Thought  
for 3 whoppin months! 
Also, I'd love you to do a guest post and we can hopefully get some traffic going for ya.
 I get approximately 200+ views a day so we can definitely get some exposure for you! 

Over at My Happy Thought, I blog about the silly things in life that make us human. 
Nobody is perfect, so lets laugh when things don't work out and lets celebrate when it does! 
I love taking pictures of my baby girl and I love snuggling with my hubbs. 
I love anything DIY and I work as a princess
You heard me right.

Head on over. 
Tell me YOUR happy thought (happy thoughts give you wings!) 
And let's be friends! 
A very happy birthday to the amazing Ali. 
Hope its magical!
Isn't she adorable!?
I love Lauren!!

Don't forget the other giveaways too!!


24 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Today we have the lovely Sydney!
We met while working together 5 years ago and we've been friends ever since!
She has 2 GORGEOUS daughters and they're funny too ;)
But enough of me gabbering!
Take it away Sydney!
Hey everyone! First and foremost...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!!!!!!!
 Secondly...a little about myself.
My name is Sydney, I am a wife, mother of 2 lovely and very energetic girls.
I stay at home getting to enjoy helping the grow and florish
into lovely young ladies.
I love painting, crafts and especially photography.
I am LDS aka Mormon.
 I type kind of in a scatter brained sort of way, so please forgive me.
I know Ali because we were blessed to work together at an after school program for kids,
she is one of the best co-workers I have ever had,
and love that we have made a wonderful friendship out of it!

I feel so privileged that Ali asked me if I would be willing to host a
giveaway for her Birthday Giveaway week
(which is by far one of the coolest ideas ever)
Of course I said yes!
First thought was I would do a photo session giveaway,
then realized not everyone who reads Ali's blog is in Arizona or necessarily close by.
So I quickly thought of something I could do,
 and thought "HEY, Halloween is almost over
and I will be putting up my Christmas decor after that
and planned to make Christmas blocks,
I will just make an extra set of each!"
Yes I am one of THOSE people who celebrates Christmas for as long as possible,
why because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Who would want to drag out Holiday cheer, Christmas music, Christmas movies,
 Christmas lights, over all good feelings, celebrating the birth of Jesus,
Santa Clause coming and the list goes on.
Not to mention I have two little girls who love the Holiday months
pretty much as much as my hubby and I do so basically
we live and breathe Christmas early and have no shame!
Anyway had previously done Halloween ones that say "BOO" and "EEK"
since we love Halloween a lot too
see image below...

   and really loved them, 
which lead me to want to make Chirstmas versions saying "HO HO HO" and "JOY" 
So last night I finally accomplished staying up late 
and working on them while watching Charmed 
(yes I know it ended years ago, but Netflix loves me and has it one there) 
Now if only they would add Full House and Boy Meets World, my world would be complete : ) Okay back on topic...so here are the finished products of the Christmas blocks...

So here is the deal, one of you lucky reader's will get to win both sets of Christmas blocks,
and can even earn extra entries by...wait for it...
following me on Instagram, Twitter, or by Forever Dream Photography blog!

I really hope whoever wins them loves them!


Didn't I tell you she's lovely and amazing?!
Yeah I know she rocks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


23 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Hey everyone!
You guys are all super lucky cuz Mary has another giveaway for you!!
I love her and so will you!!


Hey there!
How’s it going?
 Aren’t you loving Ali’s birthday week? I love anyone that gives when they could receive! 
She is great, huh? And don’t you just love her baby? 
Makes me remember when my baby cakes was that little =]
 Anyways, a bit about me.
 I’m Mary, your all-around awesome person.
I blog over at The Adventure Wagon.

See me there? I am being awesome.

I am a determined wife, more than just a stay at home mom, a blogger beginning her journey, 
a writer-in-training, full-time adventurer, all-the-time homemaker, and a dedicated dog owner.
My blog is supposed to incorporate all that. 
 Plus, my husband is in Agriculture (currently getting his MS in Agronomy), 
so, I like to incorporate the farmers side of life as well when I can.
Overall, my blog is about 3 people (my husband, daughter and myself), 
our two dogs, and our Yukon- that has and will take us all over this country on our many adventures. 

I like to look on the bright side, and strive to enjoy the journey- 
so stop on by, and stay for a while. =]
Now, as you may have been able to tell from the picture above- 
I sorta graduated with my BA in English. 
So, since I am still learning to get my craft-on, and in true spirit on English Majors 
(I also named my puppy, which was my graduation present, 
Scout, after one of my favorite books- To Kill a Mockingbird), I have decided to give away a:
 $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble! !!

Barnes & Noble is a [not so] secret love of mine.
I am pretty sure we stop by there on any date night, and browse.
 Who doesn’t love the smell of new books?
Exactly. =]


Oh my goodness aren't you guys so spoiled?!
Good luck to all of you!!
Go here to enter the first giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


22 October 2012

Birthday Week of Giveaways!

Hello my lovelies!!
The first of the giveaways is from my friend Courtney
that I've known since high school!
 You'll all love it!


Hey All!! 

I am Courtney from over at Musings of A Marvelous Me!
I have known Ali for several years now,
and I'm honored to be a part of this giveaway.

I teach in 2nd grade, and while that takes up most of my day, when I have time,
I love to do arts and crafts,
and one of you lovely readers will win
your choice of an art piece created by yours truly. 

I started drawing in elementary school,
and I have loved doing it for fun.
Recently, I decided to try my hand at painting,
and I'm attempting more and more
(when I'm not busy writing, of course).
My favorite mediums are colored pencils, ink, and acrylic,
 although I have also worked with watercolor as a background (as seen below).

Here are some samples,
and the winner will get to choose the medium
and topic (phrase/name and/or object) of the picture. 



Isn't she great?!
 Courtney painted a picture for Rory's room
and I'm gonna hang it as soon as I can get a frame!