24 September 2012

The Cuteness

Sunday we had an open house for Nick
coming home from his mission so we were full of people

and little Rorester was all tuckered out
when the shenanigans were over hahahaha

Plus she loves her Uncle Trevor,
and this is the first time she's fallen asleep in his arms,
so he was happy ;)

And this is how she woke up this morning hahaha
She was adorable while she was sleeping I saw all kinds of smiles
and concerned faces
then a big grin for mommy when she finally opened her eyes ;)

Then it was playtime with daddy

Apparently daddy's nose is REALLY tasty ;)

And he was nice enough to give her a burp rag hat ;)
Such a wonderful dad ;)
And after a 2 hour nap - that should've been longer for mommy to get things done-
we had our bath
and changed into this:

Now there's a story behind the onesie.
Other than being adorably cute and my mom's favorite Disney movie,
my mom, me, and Rory all share the nickname "Boo"
My mom is the original Boo,
then I'm Baby or Bumble Boo
and now Rory is Bitty Boo.
So when I saw this on Disney's site,
I called my grandma to tell her and then she ordered it hahahaha
and YES it's a 6-12 onesie,
my girl is long mmmk? ;)

And right before bed but after eating, Rory took these beauties
(and more) with my phone.
And yes SHE presses the button and moves the phone around
it's hilarious hahaha ;)

On an unrelated note,
I have had to kill SOOO many bugs in the last 2 weeks,
guys what is going on?
I mean, these crickets love to get in Rory's crib - NOT ok!
We've already had them come in and spray for bugs - crickets especially.
And gnats/mosquitoes.
I could use ANY advice you may have on home remedies
to fix my bug problem! 


  1. The pictures of your brother holding Rory are so cute! That must be so nice having him home after a couple years!

  2. Those nose pictures are HILARIOUS!

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