19 September 2012

Some Thoughts

Friends can I get real for minute here?
Oh you guys are the best!

Can we please talk about the VS and Soma commercials?!
How are they NOT considered porn?
I'm not joking guys,
these commercials actually do offend me.
I feel that I should not have to see a basically naked woman
trying to be all sexy on my TV to sell me a bra.
It grosses me out.
Plus I'm a + size girl alright,
so yeah seeing these skinny ninnies that are literally POPPING out of their bras
is just disgusting.

Yeah I know, I'm probably gonna get some haters on this one,
but honestly I don't want my kids growing up thinking 
that this is ok for them to see or, heaven forbid, exhibit!
I don't want my girls thinking they have to be skinny and sexy to be accepted,
and I don't want my boys to think that those are the girls they should want.

In this world I want my girls to be healthy,
so I don't want them to be fat ok?
I just don't want them to feel like they need to worry about the scale and numbers.
I want them to feel confident in who they are,
and not take any flak from anyone.

I want my boys to respect women and girls as daughters of God.
I want them to see their future wives and know that they were raised to be 
confident and independent women that know how to carry themselves.

Before I was a mom,
I thought about these things a lot
but it was more about MY problems and struggles with
self-image and the scale and numbers.

 Now that I have this beautiful baby girl I'm in charge of,
I think about it a lot more.
I'm so nervous for Rory to grow up in this crazy media world.
I'm really hoping that I will be able to teach her
to ignore the "normal" and to love herself.
To know that she is beautiful regardless of what other people say.



  1. i haven't seen that commercial.
    my mom raised me that way. to never be that girl to care that much about her weight and other artificial things. and that's the value i want my children in the future to learn.

  2. I totally agree with you! It is so gross to see the way the media objectifies a woman's body.

    But you know what, I think Rory is gonna grow up just fine because you are conscious of the problem young women are facing. She has an excellent role model. So don't worry TOO much. :)

  3. There is no way any "haters" can comment on this. Its all truth. The media/world we live in now talks about equality for men and women, and then turns around and has women parading in practically nothing. Jace and I dont have TV, and havent since we've been married. Somehow i dont see that changing...EVER. The less crap i see (the commercial where they are basically having sex...and its to promote a PERFUME) the happier i am. Good for you ali!

  4. Amen, amen, and AMEN! Every time I see women flaunting themselves on tv I almost scream, "I bet she hasn't ever had a baby!" My body is forever changed now--my stretch marks and big feet are baby scars that I will wear with pride.

  5. It really is completely ridiculous. There's other ways to advertise than being completely nude. It definitely worries me for my future children and how absolutely nuts the world will be.

    Amanda @ weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  6. I agree! I definitely don't want my son to think that's how real women are. That crap is totally soft porn, I don't care who says otherwise. Once I got a mailer from *bath and body works* that had basically nude women in it with their privates covered...yeah, they got a nasty email and phone call to customer service from me. (I don't need to see naked women to advertise *lotion* for pete's sake.)

  7. new[est] follower. this is one awesome post my dear. thanks for getting real! :)

    stop by sometime!

  8. AMEN. I'm gonna shelter the crap out of my baby. Like, that kid is not going to think that this stuff is realistic. I mean, it's just ridiculous that there are ppl who think it IS real. Idiots, I tell you.

  9. I could not agree with you more. I can't flip through the channels without seeing that crap. It's hard I think about Lilly and these kids we're raising today and all the pressures and messages that they face and go through! What examples of light they will hopefully be if we guide them along. You're a wonderful mama with great standards...Rory will learn from your example :D


  10. Ali...I love the new blog design, I haven't been on in a while so I hadn't seen it.

    I completely agree with you...
    You're a great mother and she's gonne be fine out there.


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