01 September 2012


Thanks for all the support guys!
Don't worry, we're looking for a new place to hopefully move to 
that's closer to Andrew's work and where we won't have upstairs neighbors.

Holy dang it's September?!
When did that happen?!
Must have been while I get to spend all my days with this cutie patootie!

She was helping me with the laundry ;)
It's hard work hahahaha

This week we did lots - or at least it felt like lots.
We tried on a new outift cuz we're big enough for it now!

So cute!
And after she peed on it
(poor Uncle Trevor was trying to change her diaper and she decided
it was time to pee again and he panicked hahahaha)
we played with grandma in a new outfit on her playmat

Snuggled with grandpa who's recovering from back surgery
and needed a Rory fix ;)

Isn't that precious?!
I love watching the two of them together ;)
My mom took a video with her iPad
of Rory and my dad chatting at the kitchen table
and as soon as she can get it uploaded I'll share it with you promise ;)

Andrew's cousin Shanda and her husband Trent came to visit
and brought Rory a gift

Cuz every princess needs her Yoshi ;)
See that she's riding it??
Oh yeah my poor baby is already nerding out with video games
and Disney ;)

I'm so ready for fall!
Anyone else???


  1. when i have a baby, i hope she/he can help me with the laundry too. haha

    she's just too cute. would love to see her conversation with grandpa

  2. Yay for your cute little one & yay for Yoshi!!! Loving your blog! Xo

  3. Haha, that yoshi picture is too cute!!

  4. Yoshi! I love Yoshi. I bought my nephew a big stuffed Yoshi. ;)


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