26 September 2012

Pumpkins, "fall", and such things

Hello all my lovelies!
How y'all doin??
Good? Good!

So September is almost over - which can you believe that!?
Where has the time gone??
Holy smokes!
Anyways so since September is almost over,
this means my birthday month is about to be here!!
Oh yeah!

October baby!
Pumpkins (although to be honest, not a huge fan of pumpkin anything hahahaha),
Halloween, leaves that supposedly change colors - 
living in AZ this doesn't actually happen til like December, then they just fall off..... - 
and my birthday!!!

Last year I did a week of giveaways and I would LOVE to do that again!
But to do that I need you guys!
If anyone wants to give something away,
it doesn't have to be fancy or anything - just something fun! -
PLEASE comment below or email me
and don't you worry!
I'll be giving away some of my favorite things as well!

ALSO, for those that don't follow me on Instagram
I chopped my hairs off!!

Rory's hit the stage of grabbing everything she can and pulling,
yeah my head was suffering so now it won't anymore!
I wasn't sure about it at first,
but now I'm in love with it!
This isn't the best picture of it FYI but you get the basic idea hahahaha

Happy Wednesday everyone!
And help me out with my birthday week of giveaways!! ;)


  1. Woo hoo!! I love it! I'm planning on chopping my hair after baby girl arrives :)

  2. love that you love fall too! and even better that october is your birthday month. we need to get you to love pumpkin though!! love your blog and am now following you-- come follow back if you'd like!

  3. YOu look way cute girl!
    Excited to see what other fab posts you come up with!!

  4. I told mike not to let me chop my hair off once I'm a mom. Every time I do it, I regret it. I just look so... not good with short hair. You are one of the lucky ones, I tell ya!!
    I'll try to think of something I can give away... but I can't make any guarantees - we've got a lot of expenses coming our way. ;)


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