12 September 2012

He's BACK!!!

Ok y'all know how my little brother was on a mission for our church??
Well yesterday HE CAME HOME!!!
We went to the airport at 10 and waited about 40 minutes for him and 
then I saw him walking down the hall and started yelling to my mom
that he was coming
(she was standing RIGHT in front of him)
and she didn't see him, didn't see him then he attacked her with a hug hahahaha
I may or may not have cried like a baby to see my little brother!

Just waiting at the airport ;)

The welcoming committee!

Yeah I had to start walking over to show mom where he was hahahaha

Poor Nick had no idea how to hold her and she didn't like his suit

Now I want you all to check out this picture,
I took this while holding the baby in one hand and the camera in the other,
oh yeah Mommy skillz!

My parents wouldn't let Nick sit by us at lunch but can't you tell
that we're total siblings by our crazy faces??

Ok this one needs some explanation.
So the girl next to me is Corrinne.
She and Nick have been friends for years
and their family is basically our family -
she also caught the bouquet at my wedding ;)
So last night she was getting set apart for HER mission in Washington, D.C.
Nick got released at 6:30 then we went straight over to Corrinne's to give her
a quick hug before she got set apart at 9!
Hahahahaha talk about a window right??
Oh my gosh guys I'm SOOO happy he's home!


  1. I'm so happy for you :) That is an amazing feeling!

  2. How awesome! Having missionaries home is the most incredible feeling ever. Super happy for you and your family!

  3. So fun! I remember when my brother got home. Woohoo for awesome return missionary brothers! :)

  4. What wonderful photos and I am so happy for you that your brother is back home!! I can hear your happiness and joy through your words.. This is wonderful! :)

  5. I bet he's already in love with little rory, isn't he???
    Welcome home, Nick!!

  6. How fun to have your brother home! Makes me excited for when mine comes home....in like a year and a half.

  7. Aww! What a sweet reunion! My brother was supposed to be coming home in December just before Christmas but he's extending and won't be home til February now! :(


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