20 September 2012

Full Heart

Thank you all for the lovely comments you wrote!
I'm also happy to report that as of right now NO HATERS! ;)
That just makes me feel so much better about things.
It makes me so happy that I have "sisters" in the same school of thought
and that we all want to raise our kids in the same ideals and morals ;)
Ah my heart is just so full of gratitude for you ladies that
told me your stories and said how happy you were that we were talking about this!

Ok, off my soapbox now ;)
SO yesterday my baby turned 3 months! 
Where did the time go?
I mean really!?
She has grown so much and now she finally has a distinct look
that is Rory and not just another baby girl ;)

4 days old

And now!
Look at that smirk hahahaha
 I'm so happy to be her mama and to spend my days with her
and her smiling, bubble-making, drool-machine-ing, pooping self ;)


  1. She is so sweet! It's so crazy how fast they grow. And kinda sad, too! BEfore you know it, she's going to be getting married and moving away :(

  2. look at her cute little smirk! what a doll! :) happy 3 months, rory!

  3. Awww, happy quarter birthday, Rory!!

  4. She is beyond beautiful... What a true blessing!


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