29 September 2012


I know I blog mostly about my daughter and today is another one of those days ;)

She's so dang cute plus this helps me remember to document everything.
Rory has discovered rolling over.
I know I posted a video awhile ago but now she does it all the time and most of the time she'll finally wake up like this

Oh yeah diva ;)

We also are pretty much starting to sit up on our own,
only this day she wanted to lounge like her daddy does.

We love our snuggles with daddy ;)
Regardless of her face she really does love it hahahaha

GG and Papa just bought this for her and she got to play in it
for the first time last night and she LOVED it hahahaha
I heard her squealing in joy before we opened the door ;)
She keeps one foot firmly on the ground,
and the other is on tippy-toes  ;)

Also, Andrew and I just discovered Five Guys!

I know, it's a crime that we hadn't til last night,
but boy are we happy about it!
It was great for us and now it'll probably be a regular date night thing for us ;)

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Yay for firsts! :] And I love those jumper things! I want one for Holland whenever we finally have our own place!

  2. You gotta love all of their accomplishments! It's so fun getting excited over all the little things they do!

  3. She's a cutie! Love 5 Guys fries :)

  4. WHAT!?!?!?! YOU JUST DISCOVERED 5 guys!?!!?


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