23 September 2012

Family Ties and Happy Times

Can I just say that I love my family?
I know, I say it a lot but seriously Andrew and I have the best family!
On both sides, and all over!

Friday is Rory's GG and Papa day hahaha
so they had her for the afternoon so Andrew and I could go apt hunting -
more on that later - 
then my parents were super nice and watched her all night for us 
so we could get one solid night's sleep ;)
I won't lie,
I missed my bug SOOOO much,
but we really needed the rest and sleep!

Now in between her differing stays,
she got to meet her Papa Bowler!

I love that she gave him the "who's this guy??" face,
then she was like "Oh he looks like my grandpa, he must be ok" and smiled.
It was so great that Grandpa Bowler was able to come down and meet her
(he came for Nick's homecoming talk and we were so happy
that we get to hang out with him too!)

So when we got her home Saturday morning,
I was so excited to hold onto her and snuggle ;)
Then she zonked out for about 2 hours hahaha
and I found her like this

And having a full on conversation with Yoshi and I got the stink eye
since I interrupted her hahahaha
Then we practiced sitting up by ourselves

And we did really good at it too ;)
I pretty much love her to pieces hahahahaha

AND on a happy note again,
I got my sewing machine back on Friday!!!

And I'm trying to still figure out what I'm doing hahahaha
But it's gonna be a fun adventure!

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  1. Love that blanket. :)
    yay for having sewing machine again!


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