15 September 2012

Family Rocks

This past week has been insane for us!
Andrew, Rory, and I were all sick.
Andrew had to take a day off of work so we could all get better
and take turns with Rory and sleeping.
Then Nick came home!

Then Wednesday Rory and I spent the day at my parent's house with my mom, dad, and Nick.

 Thursday we breathed and tried to sleep it all off hahahaha
Yesterday was supposed to be Rory's day with her great-grandparents but my grandma
was super sick so she couldn't go over.
Which made my grandparents sad,
but they'll see her tomorrow.
I was ok with her staying home with me except that I needed to cook/bake
stuff for the luncheon for tomorrow after Rory's baby blessing
and it's hard to do when I need to keep an eye on her.

So my amazing parents offered to take her for a few hours so I could get things done,
and take a nap cuz she'd been up a lot that night.
First though my mom and I went shopping for a blessing dress for tomorrow,
and came back with all this

And my toe decided it wanted to make an appearance I guess hahahaha
it was so fun to get out of the house for awhile
and shop with my mom and go to Costco to get things too ;)

I got in a little snuggle time before she left with daddy to get to grandma's ;)
Then I had the apartment to myself and I cooked and baked
and cleaned a bit ;)
AND took a small nap!
Then my mom calls me and says 
"Do you think Andrew would mind coming to get her when he's off?
Grandpa doesn't wanna give her up yet Hahahaha"
"Sure mom hahahaha"
So I made more cookies and they ended up bringing her home about half hour before 
Andrew got off so he didn't have to drive over and get her first ;)
It was something I didn't realize how badly I needed til I was alone.
I was at the end of my rope without even knowing it hahahaha

As soon as I listened and didn't hear the baby monitor on,
or baby noises,
or Andrew asking me stuff
I felt so much better.
Now this doesn't mean that I don't love my little family cuz I do,
but I needed some "me" time.
I am so grateful for my family and that they are willing to let me have some time alone ;)
When she came home,
I had missed her and I wanted to just look at her all night long
and we enjoyed our time together during bathtime and snuggling to sleep ;)

I love this outfit!
She's finally big enough to wear it!
And I love the momma bird and baby bird ;)
And I love my Rorester ;)
And Andrew!


  1. So which dress is the blessing dress? The white one??
    I wanna see pictures !


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