06 September 2012

Blogging and Life

Oh guys,
I feel like I have nothing to blog about....
tis true,
I don't have great giveaways all the time,
 I don't really link up or anything,
is this bad??

I don't think it is but at the same time I don't want to bore you all
with my SAHM life with one car so I'm home most of the time hahahahaha

This is just how we roll around here ;)
Sometimes I get discouraged cuz I don't fit the "blogger mold".
But then I think, bah!
Y'all like me BECAUSE I'm different right??
Ok good, pity party over with ;)
Let's continue!

So I met up with the amazing Emma and Holland
at the mall for lunch last week,
of course we have no proof that our girls met,
or that we did but I promise you we did! 
Hahahahaha and we had a blast and it was so fun to see such a tiny baby again,
Rory's already getting so big!
And she's chatting like nobody's business!

She also has laughed ;)
You can kinda hear it in the video but she was also kinda cranky
so she wasn't in a laughing mood hahahaha
Also this past Saturday I helped my mom clear out my brother's room
so he actually has somewhere to come home to on Tuesday!!

You guys, I am BEYOND excited for my brother to come home!
(He's on a LDS mission in Pennsylvania BTW)
SO much has happened in his absence,
me going to the temple for the first time,
my wedding,
and of course Rory's birth.
So we are so happy he's gonna be here from now on!

She was a little bleary-eyed for church

Grandpa let her borrow his Thumper-
and she would not let go til she threw a fit hahahaha

I love seeing them snuggle!!
Daddy loves his little girl ;)
We got to go back to the school I worked at while I was pregnant
and see all the people we could
which was awesome and the kids were enthralled and enchanted with her ;)
Ruby called her "baby cute" hahahaha
We ran so many errands on Tuesday that we were all exhausted
and I got all sick - still am a bit sick -
thanks allergy gods.........

Such a sweet sleeping princess ;)
Also one last thing:
The Disney Store has now added a ton of baby things to their website......
guys I'm DYING!!!
Somebody send me $$ so I can buy my princess stuff!! 
Hahahahaha ;)


  1. Holy crap, a lot really HAS happened for you guys in the last two years!!

    And YES You're awesome!!

  2. I love Rory's damask onesie! So cute :) Also, write for you, and no one else!

  3. Blogger love to the bloggers who are not all in-depth. =] Your baby is cute and life is fun.

  4. Seriously, it's hard when you get in a rut but definitely write about whatever you want and don't try to fit the blogger mold! We do like you because you're different! Also, Rory is stinking cute! I'm glad I got to meet the two of you before we moved!


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