29 September 2012


I know I blog mostly about my daughter and today is another one of those days ;)

She's so dang cute plus this helps me remember to document everything.
Rory has discovered rolling over.
I know I posted a video awhile ago but now she does it all the time and most of the time she'll finally wake up like this

Oh yeah diva ;)

We also are pretty much starting to sit up on our own,
only this day she wanted to lounge like her daddy does.

We love our snuggles with daddy ;)
Regardless of her face she really does love it hahahaha

GG and Papa just bought this for her and she got to play in it
for the first time last night and she LOVED it hahahaha
I heard her squealing in joy before we opened the door ;)
She keeps one foot firmly on the ground,
and the other is on tippy-toes  ;)

Also, Andrew and I just discovered Five Guys!

I know, it's a crime that we hadn't til last night,
but boy are we happy about it!
It was great for us and now it'll probably be a regular date night thing for us ;)

Happy Saturday everyone!

26 September 2012

Pumpkins, "fall", and such things

Hello all my lovelies!
How y'all doin??
Good? Good!

So September is almost over - which can you believe that!?
Where has the time gone??
Holy smokes!
Anyways so since September is almost over,
this means my birthday month is about to be here!!
Oh yeah!

October baby!
Pumpkins (although to be honest, not a huge fan of pumpkin anything hahahaha),
Halloween, leaves that supposedly change colors - 
living in AZ this doesn't actually happen til like December, then they just fall off..... - 
and my birthday!!!

Last year I did a week of giveaways and I would LOVE to do that again!
But to do that I need you guys!
If anyone wants to give something away,
it doesn't have to be fancy or anything - just something fun! -
PLEASE comment below or email me
and don't you worry!
I'll be giving away some of my favorite things as well!

ALSO, for those that don't follow me on Instagram
I chopped my hairs off!!

Rory's hit the stage of grabbing everything she can and pulling,
yeah my head was suffering so now it won't anymore!
I wasn't sure about it at first,
but now I'm in love with it!
This isn't the best picture of it FYI but you get the basic idea hahahaha

Happy Wednesday everyone!
And help me out with my birthday week of giveaways!! ;)

24 September 2012

The Cuteness

Sunday we had an open house for Nick
coming home from his mission so we were full of people

and little Rorester was all tuckered out
when the shenanigans were over hahahaha

Plus she loves her Uncle Trevor,
and this is the first time she's fallen asleep in his arms,
so he was happy ;)

And this is how she woke up this morning hahaha
She was adorable while she was sleeping I saw all kinds of smiles
and concerned faces
then a big grin for mommy when she finally opened her eyes ;)

Then it was playtime with daddy

Apparently daddy's nose is REALLY tasty ;)

And he was nice enough to give her a burp rag hat ;)
Such a wonderful dad ;)
And after a 2 hour nap - that should've been longer for mommy to get things done-
we had our bath
and changed into this:

Now there's a story behind the onesie.
Other than being adorably cute and my mom's favorite Disney movie,
my mom, me, and Rory all share the nickname "Boo"
My mom is the original Boo,
then I'm Baby or Bumble Boo
and now Rory is Bitty Boo.
So when I saw this on Disney's site,
I called my grandma to tell her and then she ordered it hahahaha
and YES it's a 6-12 onesie,
my girl is long mmmk? ;)

And right before bed but after eating, Rory took these beauties
(and more) with my phone.
And yes SHE presses the button and moves the phone around
it's hilarious hahaha ;)

On an unrelated note,
I have had to kill SOOO many bugs in the last 2 weeks,
guys what is going on?
I mean, these crickets love to get in Rory's crib - NOT ok!
We've already had them come in and spray for bugs - crickets especially.
And gnats/mosquitoes.
I could use ANY advice you may have on home remedies
to fix my bug problem! 

23 September 2012

Family Ties and Happy Times

Can I just say that I love my family?
I know, I say it a lot but seriously Andrew and I have the best family!
On both sides, and all over!

Friday is Rory's GG and Papa day hahaha
so they had her for the afternoon so Andrew and I could go apt hunting -
more on that later - 
then my parents were super nice and watched her all night for us 
so we could get one solid night's sleep ;)
I won't lie,
I missed my bug SOOOO much,
but we really needed the rest and sleep!

Now in between her differing stays,
she got to meet her Papa Bowler!

I love that she gave him the "who's this guy??" face,
then she was like "Oh he looks like my grandpa, he must be ok" and smiled.
It was so great that Grandpa Bowler was able to come down and meet her
(he came for Nick's homecoming talk and we were so happy
that we get to hang out with him too!)

So when we got her home Saturday morning,
I was so excited to hold onto her and snuggle ;)
Then she zonked out for about 2 hours hahaha
and I found her like this

And having a full on conversation with Yoshi and I got the stink eye
since I interrupted her hahahaha
Then we practiced sitting up by ourselves

And we did really good at it too ;)
I pretty much love her to pieces hahahahaha

AND on a happy note again,
I got my sewing machine back on Friday!!!

And I'm trying to still figure out what I'm doing hahahaha
But it's gonna be a fun adventure!

Follow me on Instagram to see more!! ;)

20 September 2012

Full Heart

Thank you all for the lovely comments you wrote!
I'm also happy to report that as of right now NO HATERS! ;)
That just makes me feel so much better about things.
It makes me so happy that I have "sisters" in the same school of thought
and that we all want to raise our kids in the same ideals and morals ;)
Ah my heart is just so full of gratitude for you ladies that
told me your stories and said how happy you were that we were talking about this!

Ok, off my soapbox now ;)
SO yesterday my baby turned 3 months! 
Where did the time go?
I mean really!?
She has grown so much and now she finally has a distinct look
that is Rory and not just another baby girl ;)

4 days old

And now!
Look at that smirk hahahaha
 I'm so happy to be her mama and to spend my days with her
and her smiling, bubble-making, drool-machine-ing, pooping self ;)

19 September 2012

Some Thoughts

Friends can I get real for minute here?
Oh you guys are the best!

Can we please talk about the VS and Soma commercials?!
How are they NOT considered porn?
I'm not joking guys,
these commercials actually do offend me.
I feel that I should not have to see a basically naked woman
trying to be all sexy on my TV to sell me a bra.
It grosses me out.
Plus I'm a + size girl alright,
so yeah seeing these skinny ninnies that are literally POPPING out of their bras
is just disgusting.

Yeah I know, I'm probably gonna get some haters on this one,
but honestly I don't want my kids growing up thinking 
that this is ok for them to see or, heaven forbid, exhibit!
I don't want my girls thinking they have to be skinny and sexy to be accepted,
and I don't want my boys to think that those are the girls they should want.

In this world I want my girls to be healthy,
so I don't want them to be fat ok?
I just don't want them to feel like they need to worry about the scale and numbers.
I want them to feel confident in who they are,
and not take any flak from anyone.

I want my boys to respect women and girls as daughters of God.
I want them to see their future wives and know that they were raised to be 
confident and independent women that know how to carry themselves.

Before I was a mom,
I thought about these things a lot
but it was more about MY problems and struggles with
self-image and the scale and numbers.

 Now that I have this beautiful baby girl I'm in charge of,
I think about it a lot more.
I'm so nervous for Rory to grow up in this crazy media world.
I'm really hoping that I will be able to teach her
to ignore the "normal" and to love herself.
To know that she is beautiful regardless of what other people say.


17 September 2012

Clothes Clothes Clothes!

I'm putting yet another wish list for baby girl here.
Guys it's become an obsession!
But I only look,
I really don't buy much at all!
I wish I could though cuz now that the weather is getting cooler at night,
Rory needs a few things to keep her warm - come like December hahahaha
AND she'll be 6 months say what?!
AND Christmas is right there!!
Can ya tell I'm excited??

Anyways on to the cute stuff!



Baby clothes!
And yes Rory NEEDS all of these peeps hahahaha
ok ok so she probably doesn't but I mean come on!
Aren't they the cutest?!
Happy Monday everybody!

P.S. Disney now has more and new baby clothes!!!
Guys Rory is a size 3-6 months or 6-12....
just so you are aware in case....
ya know....MY birthday is next month.....
and she'll be 3 months on Wednesday.....
just sayin ;)

15 September 2012

Family Rocks

This past week has been insane for us!
Andrew, Rory, and I were all sick.
Andrew had to take a day off of work so we could all get better
and take turns with Rory and sleeping.
Then Nick came home!

Then Wednesday Rory and I spent the day at my parent's house with my mom, dad, and Nick.

 Thursday we breathed and tried to sleep it all off hahahaha
Yesterday was supposed to be Rory's day with her great-grandparents but my grandma
was super sick so she couldn't go over.
Which made my grandparents sad,
but they'll see her tomorrow.
I was ok with her staying home with me except that I needed to cook/bake
stuff for the luncheon for tomorrow after Rory's baby blessing
and it's hard to do when I need to keep an eye on her.

So my amazing parents offered to take her for a few hours so I could get things done,
and take a nap cuz she'd been up a lot that night.
First though my mom and I went shopping for a blessing dress for tomorrow,
and came back with all this

And my toe decided it wanted to make an appearance I guess hahahaha
it was so fun to get out of the house for awhile
and shop with my mom and go to Costco to get things too ;)

I got in a little snuggle time before she left with daddy to get to grandma's ;)
Then I had the apartment to myself and I cooked and baked
and cleaned a bit ;)
AND took a small nap!
Then my mom calls me and says 
"Do you think Andrew would mind coming to get her when he's off?
Grandpa doesn't wanna give her up yet Hahahaha"
"Sure mom hahahaha"
So I made more cookies and they ended up bringing her home about half hour before 
Andrew got off so he didn't have to drive over and get her first ;)
It was something I didn't realize how badly I needed til I was alone.
I was at the end of my rope without even knowing it hahahaha

As soon as I listened and didn't hear the baby monitor on,
or baby noises,
or Andrew asking me stuff
I felt so much better.
Now this doesn't mean that I don't love my little family cuz I do,
but I needed some "me" time.
I am so grateful for my family and that they are willing to let me have some time alone ;)
When she came home,
I had missed her and I wanted to just look at her all night long
and we enjoyed our time together during bathtime and snuggling to sleep ;)

I love this outfit!
She's finally big enough to wear it!
And I love the momma bird and baby bird ;)
And I love my Rorester ;)
And Andrew!