09 August 2012


I have a wishlist for the Rorester
(not to mention for me!)
in the clothing department!
I was perusing Etsy,
which is just dangerous anyway,
and found these gems!




P.S. the lovely Lauren makes these!

and oh so much more!
But alas, like I could afford them PSH!
Hahahahaha but it's always fun to look right?!

As for me,
I wouldn't buy clothes on Etsy cuz I'm a bit on the chunkier side of 
the lady scale, which I'm ok with,
it just means that I can't buy "vintage" clothes.
Also totally fine cuz honestly some things are better left in grandma's closet folks!





Oh to have my Disneyland body back!
 Don't you worry y'all,
I'll make it there to that goal weight ;)
But I digress,
I love window shopping even if sometimes it's obvious we can't buy anything ;)

What's on your wishlist??


  1. How adorable are all those little dresses!?!? SO cute!!!

  2. I LOVE that polka dot dress! I WANT ONE!! Way to tempt me. Rude. ahahaha, just kidding.
    okay i'm leaving now. I'm tired.

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following me! :) I'm loving your disney inspired themed blog here!! Seriously! My family and I are Disney nuts! :)

    Love this post! Etsy is way too dangerous! It's how I lose money.

    Glad to be new blog friends ;)

  4. Eeek love those little girl dresses!!! So cute!


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