21 August 2012

Weekend Happenin's

My brother was over this weekend and we had a blast!
We watched Hunger Games including all the extras,
and Rory got to spend some quality time with Uncle Trevor ;)

She really does love him tons and tons,
and thankfully he changed a couple diapers,
fed her, and picked her outfits for both church and family dinner ;)

Also, when my brother comes,
my parents will sometimes give us some money so we can get
something fun for dinner which is so sweet!
So we decided to order pizza from Papa John's
and I HAD to show you my receipt of awesomesauce

K do you guys see the total???
Oh yeah so for $20 we got all that crap AND tipped the driver ;)
Thank goodness I had enough pizza points for a free pizza
which is the only reason why we were able to afford all of it but Trev and I had fun
making this huge order and seeing the total go down thanks to that free one!
We got all that soda cuz we didn't have any BTW,
and they were just the little bottles so don't worry - 
I'm not a total fatty yet hahahaha

And for more fun stuff here's the monkey face:

So funny!
And yet so adorable!

1 comment:

  1. you know how adorable i think she is.
    and we watched hg twice this weekend. we just couldn't resist buying it. It's a problem.


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