23 August 2012

Us Part 4

So we had made a pact not to be lovey in our letters to each other
because he was dedicated to the Lord for those 2 years, not me ;)
But I'll be honest, it sucked hahahaha
I had gotten used to hearing "I love you" and "sweetheart" etc
and knowing I was getting letters from him that wouldn't say those things
was not the easiest thing,
and by that I mean one of the hardest parts of this entire process hahaha

But looking back on it, it was the best possible thing we could have done.
It helped Andrew keep his focus where it needed to be
which helped him become a great missionary ;)
And I dealt with it hahahaha
I knew that was how it needed to be even though
sometimes all I wanted was some lovin ;)

So January of 2010 I got the opportunity to do 
an internship at Disneyland with one of my good friends,
only thing was that I wouldn't be able to come home til August!
2 months after Andrew came home!!
When I wrote him about it,
he basically said
"It's Disney, you gotta go! I'll come visit you!"
and so I did ;)
And it was the BEST thing I did for myself.
(yes mother you were right....there I said it!)
During the next 6 months I got letters and a couple short emails,
and then it was finally time for him to come home!

I had purchased a ticket to come home on the day he came home,
then that day changed so I ended up seeing him 2 days after he was already home.
But I digress!
So I'm at work when I get a text from Andrew's sister
with a picture saying "HE'S HOME" and I may have started to tear up
a bit in the Star Wars store hahahaha
Then on my lunch break Haley was calling me,
or so I thought....
so I answer my phone
"Hey love what's up?" 
cuz Haley and I were just that cool and I hear
"Actually this is Andrew...do you have my FB password?"
Insert my shocked face at both his voice and his question
2 years between talking and he asks me for his FB password.....
Don't worry, once I was off work he called me on his new phone
and we had a legit conversation,
though slightly awkward hahaha
then the texting started cuz I was leaving the next morning to come home for the weekend ;)
And he said he was excited to see me,
but I know we were both super nervous about how this was gonna go.
I got up extra early and did my hair,
had my roommate pick my outfit since I have no fashion sense
and she ended up loaning me a shirt of hers hahahaha
and I got on the plane with a text of "See you soon!"

And with that part 5 will come soon! ;)


  1. Oh, this is so sweet! I'm lovin reading your story! I love the patience you showed and faith you had (waiting the 2 years, going to the internship, the date changes haha).. so amazing! And now you have a beautiful little family!
    I love hearing stories like this!

    I remember when Scott was comin home from his mission, I couldn't contain myself! When I had to wait a few days to see him, it was torture! I was over the letters! haha.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Looking forward to part 5 ;)

  2. Bahaha! What's my FB password!?! sheesh. Men. ;)

  3. Love this story, so sweet! Can't wait for the next part!


  4. Need. Part. five. Ahh this is sooooo cute!!


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