15 August 2012


...I feel inadequate as a mother.

...I wish I knew all the answers.

...all I want is to crawl into bed and sleep.

...I need to cry while my baby cries.

...I need grown up friends to shake up my baby routine.

...I miss living with my parents cuz I could bug them at any time with my issues.
(I still can, but it's not the same as jumping on their bed at any time hahaha)

...I wish we could do all the vacations we want to do.

...I need to have a complete meltdown.

...I get tired of carrying at least 2 bags every time I leave the house - 
especially when one is a heavy diaper bag cuz my baby is a really good pooper, 
therefore I must always be prepared.

...I wish I had a friend in my ward to talk to - 
but hopefully if I get to be in Relief Society on Sundays I can find one ;) 
I have a cute baby to use as a conversation starter hahaha

...I just wanna drop everything and start new somewhere else

...I miss shaving my legs but now it takes too long hahaha

...I miss working at Disneyland/Disney Store

and it's ok ;)



  1. I'm really glad I ran across your blog! Love this post. New follower! Can't wait to read more. I always miss my mom being a room away too.

  2. I loved this post. Sometimes... you just have to let go or wish for things...
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Follow this link to check it out! Just skip past all my chatter about Wicked, the award details are halfway through the post :)
    Liebster Award

  3. Oh girl, I can relate to so many things in that list all too well! Love your honesty and know youre not alone in feeling those things! :D (i'd help you if I was in your RS!) :)

  4. It sounds like you're having a rough day. I promise, motherhood gets easier! One day, you'll feel naked leaving the house without a big fat diaper bag. haha And we all fail and feel inadequate as mothers from time to time. The good news is that these little angels are very forgiving and you can start fresh after nap time.

  5. I think we all have days like this. I hope that you have a chance to shave your legs, and maybe go out with some friends sans-baby ;) I'm sure that would boost your spirits. You're doing great!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about having friends in the ward... we don't really have any, and tried to make some... and I think they thought we were weird. Which is true, but whatever. hahaha!
    Things will get better, keep your chin up! And if you need to talk, you have my number. Except you know how awful I am at texting back. lol!

  7. I can relate to some of these too... and a cute baby is a great conversation starter :) I'm a new follower!

  8. I love how honest you are. Keep your chin up! :) Darling blog too!

  9. Hang in there Ali. I still feel inadequate sometimes and I've been a mom for 14 years! I'm sure you're doing great.

    Shaving your legs takes less time than you think. Do it, you'll feel better. ;)


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