04 August 2012

Some fan-girl-ing

Hello lovelies!
I've been trying to think of what to write about,
and still haven't really gotten a full on "thesis statement" so this may be
a jimble jumble of thoughts ;)
Bare with me!

Andrew and I went and saw Brave last night 
while the bug was with her GG and Papa
and we loved it ;)
I had already seen it and liked it, but it made WAY better sense the second time,
and I could pick up on things which helped understanding
the plot way more ;)

I love her hair!!!
SO pretty!
And such a good movie about family, pride, humility,
and of course bravery ;)
Go see it if you haven't yet!

Also Andrew and I may or may not have been watching
Avatar on NetFlix

and I may or may not be totally loving it ;)
And I of course mean yes I am enjoying it,
I know weird right?
And I'm also super sad that we're almost done with it :(
I find Sokka hilarious and Katara kicks butt with her water bending

And it kinda makes the real-life version movie
look silly.......
especially since they pronounce the Avatar's name wrong.....
Anyways, shall we move on from my embarrassing
fangirling hahahaha ;)

Baby girl has been doing SOO good at night now!
She'll sleep anywhere from 9-11 all the way to 4 in the morning 
then back to sleep again til about 9-10 ;)
It's really been helping me and Andrew get some sleep
AND sleep at the same time now!
It's the best feeling ever to finally go to bed at the same time,
and we still take turns with her when she wakes up but it's not nearly as bad
when we had to stay up all night taking shifts ;)

Happy Saturday peeps!


  1. i LOVE disney movie and pixar.
    i love Brave. and Avatar is the best. the story is great. my favorite character is Sokha. he's so unique. i've watched Avatar to the end and kind of sad it has ended.

  2. Glad you're finally getting more sleep! I totally need to see this movie - I've wanted to since it came out because it looks SO good.


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