25 August 2012


So yesterday we had Rory's 2 month appointment
and she's doing great!
She weighs 13 whopping pounds and is 23 inches long now!
She's such a stinking cutie too!
Only bad thing is that she had to get shots yesterday, 
3 to be exact and one thing of oral drops.
Poor baby girl was not happy about it :(
Mommy wasn't either hahahaha
and did I take a picture of the cute Looney Tunes bandaids?! No.
I instead decided to comfort my poor baby hahaha
Then we went to Target for Andrew to get work pants,
and used our stroller for the first time
(again, no picture....I should be fired)
then we picked up a sewing machine that a super nice lady decided to give me
(now I gotta get it tuned up)
and in the afternoon she got spend time with GG and Papa ;)

She's been very sleepy both yesterday and today
so we've been napping A LOT ;)

 Now I'm off to tidy up a bit and get things ready for when she does wake up ;)
And get ready for a bath later tonight for church tomorrow!!


  1. Aww poor girl! Yay for lots of naps though!!

  2. Aww, I always feel so bad when I hear mommas talking about their babies getting shots. It never sounds fun.


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