18 August 2012

Saturday Musings

So my parents and brother went on a mini vacation at the beginning of August to Cali.
I was SOOOO jealous!
They visited all our old haunts - except Disneyland of course 
but they went to Westwood and saw Dark Knight Rises at The Village
(theatre where my parents met) and got Diddy Reese cookies!
Visited Santa Monica Pier and the beach
and Olvera Street eating burritos and all I kept thinking was
"You lucky things you! Out of the heat AND in our fave places!"
But they were so nice and brought me us back some cookies from Diddy Reese,
a few little trnket things from Olvera Street,
AND this for baby girl!

 Isn't it SOOO pretty!?
A few people on the beach were doing them,
but my mom liked this girl's version the best
and for $1 a letter heck yeah!!
Once Uncle Trevor gets here today,
we're hanging this baby up!!

Also remember how I mentioned that we were getting another couch??
It's so heavenly!
It's comfy, long and deep!
Now we can seat more than 3 people in our living room!
And we were able to put the rocking chair in Rory's room
which helps when putting her back to sleep at night ;)

Yeah I know, we're eclectic ;)
If we're able to find a new place to live
(which would be AMAZING)
we'll need to make sure the living room area is nice and huge hahaha
see the bean bags smooshed in the back corner?
Yeah that's where they're staying for now hahaha

Also, for those of you following me on Instagram
you already know this but look what the hubster got me today!!

Can I get a WAHOO!?
(P.S. If you want to follow me on Instgram,
just know I have my pictures to private in case of crazies,
but if you request I accept you - as long as you're not a crazy hahaha)

Happy Saturday loves!


  1. Ahhhh we so want to get hunger games, but are waiting till we both get paid this week... Is that a blu ray + DVD??

  2. Oooh yes! I will be purchasing the dvd myself, ASAP!


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