05 August 2012

Q&A Day!

Who's ready for another Q&A??? ;)
I am!

His&Her Q&A

Alright here's we go!

What would you be happy doing for hours on end?
His: Video games for sure
Hers: Watch movies....oh yeah ;)

What is one thing you always disagree on as a couple?
His: computers
Hers: yeah as in Macs are awesome and PCs suck! ;)
Love ya honey

What is one thing you always agree on?
His: that I should cook
Hers: ^ yeah that's SOOO true
How much we hate how Utah streets are designed...
sorry Utah but numbers are ridiculous!

What's your favorite Olympic sport?
His: Swimming
Hers: Volleyball/Ice Skating

If you had money to buy your significant other one thing,
what would it be?
His: The Ireland compound you keep saying you want
Hers: All the Nintendo systems and the good games
(Although we have everything but the original huh??)
or a truck depending on the want ;)

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
His: Deaf I guess
Hers: Deaf cuz I learned sign ;)

What is one thing you admire about your mother
(or mother figure)?
His: her patience
Hers: her obvious love for me and my siblings ;)

What food do you hate?
His: chalk - oh I mean lima beans
Hers: I have a ot I don't like, but I can't think of
a loathed food item....

Who is your favorite superhero?
His: Green Lantern
Hers: Batman/Superman ;)

What value or principle, if any, are you a true advocate for?
His: Patience cuz everyone needs more
Hers: Loyalty without a doubt.
Biggest pet peeve is disloyalty

Til next week loves!!


  1. ahh utah numbers!! agreed! when i first moved out here i got incredibly lost in lehi because they have more than one main street so theres doubles of numbers! it was insane! theres nothing wrong with naming streets people...

  2. My favorite posts to read :) :)
    I'm loving the volleyball, too! It makes me REALLY wish I was an amazing volleyball player!

  3. Disagree! I love the grid system in Utah. You always know if you are on 300 and you're going straight, you'll either hit 200 or 400 depending on which way you are going. As long as you know the capitol is 0 and numbers grow from there you're good!
    (if you're anywhere between salt lake and draper)
    No need to memorize street names and silly things like that.

    But cute blog! My husband loves video games too!

  4. I love you guys.

    lol mike and I went out and played sand volleyball today. By ourselves. In 98 degrees. Because we're awesome.

  5. oooh, how about utah DRIVERS?? my husband and I always agree how much they suck. :)

  6. i love both the answers! stopping by from the link up! so glad i did because your blog is super cute! cant wait to read more :)

  7. This is cute!!!

    THanks for linking up on the HOP today!!

  8. oh computer...yes. that's something debatable.

  9. haha i have heard about utah numbers! too funny, you guys!

    Hope you’re having a great day! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  10. Oh so cute :) I love this. Also, thank you for always being so supportive. I've nominated you for an award! http://stubbornlydelighted.blogspot.com/2012/08/finally-my-turn.html

  11. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today! Hope you found some amazing new blogs and even some new friends!!

    Melissa @ The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife


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