11 August 2012

More Questions

I got tagged by Kolie in another Liebster Award thing 
which makes me happy that so many people think I'm funny enough
to keep reading my randomness! ;)

Ok here goes:
1. I hate vacuuming.....srsly, it's evil.
2. I am in love with my dishwasher - 
after 12+ years without one, it's like magic to me ;)
3. I was born with crossed eyes, 
yeah I'm just that cool ;)
4. I have had 5 surgeries for said eye issue.
5. I am afraid of needles - although I had to kinda get over 
that one during my hospital stay
6. Spiders, snakes, sharks are my top three fears.
7. Oh I'm also still afraid of the dark - 
yeah almost 24 years old and I can't hack it hahaha
8. My favorite color is red.
9. I love the way old books smell - 
is there really anything better??
10. I always have big projects in mind, 
then don't do them cuz they're so big.....
11. I love to sing in my car at the top of my lungs.

Now onto the questions!
1. What are you more addicted to: movies, books, tv shows?
Oh dear....I guess movies cuz I own more of those
but I read like a maniac too hahaha
2. What's your favorite animal?
Tiger without a doubt ;)
3. Would you prefer dinner and a movie, or something ca-razy for a date night?
I'll take anything I can get hahaha
life with a baby folks ;)
4. What is your favorite restaurant?
Olive Garden!
5. If you could get a random birthday present from anyone in the world,
who would give it and what would it be?
Idina Menzel and she would come with me to all the cool Broadway shows,
then give me and my peeps a private concert with her amazing voice!
Oh and she would bring her buddies too like
Kristen Chenoweth, Adam Pascal, etc ;)
6. What can you NOT leave home without?
My phone...sad to say but it's true.
I feel totally naked without it
7. Where do you wished you lived?
I've always wanted to live somewhere green
and where the wind blows a lot,
so like Ireland I guess?? ;)
8. What do you do when you're unbearably bored?
Lately I will wake up my daughter and make her play with me hahaha
befor that I'd doodle...actually I still doodle hahaha
9. What's your favorite boy's name? Girl's name?
Benjamin (Ben) and Aurora (Rory),
although I love a whole bunch of names ;)
10. If you could afford anything in the world,
what would you buy?
I'd buy a compound in Ireland where all my family could live with us
and we'd have the coolest stuff inside ;)
Play house, yeah not a room, a house!
Pool and such ;)
11. What is your favorite color?
Hahahaha RED!

Ok so here are my questions!
1. What's your favorite Olympic sport?
2. What's been your favorite spoiled Olympian moment of these Games?
3. Where's your favorite vacation spot?
4. If you could pick a fictional character to be with,
who would you pick?
5. What do you spend more time on: FB, Twitter, Blogger, Instgram?
6. Given a choice between running or cycling which would you rather do for a workout?
7. What's your favorite holiday?
8. What's your go-to dance move?
9. What's your favorite book?
10. Where's your DREAM vacation spot?
11. What's your favorite song?

I'm gonna let anyone that wants to do these questions! 
Please do them!
I love reading new awesomeness from my readers!
You can comment your answers! ;)


  1. i LOVE the smell of an old book too!

    congrats for your award!!!

  2. OOO I love Olive Garden too! Those bread sticks are so delicious! Craving them now!! (:

  3. Answers to questions:
    1. FAVE OLYMPIC SPORT: figure skating (winter); gymnastics (summer)
    2. RUINED OLYMPIC MOMENT: US Women's Volleyball getting SMASHED by Brazil. Ugh!
    3. VACA SPOT: Laie, Hawai'i. HOME!
    4. FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Sooooooo many! Can't decide.
    5. MORE TIME: Facebook, hands down
    6. WORKOUT: my idea of exercise is a nice, brisk sit!
    7. HOLIDAY: Christmas, but I love Easter too
    8. DANCE MOVE: see #6 above
    9. FAVE BOOK: "Les Miserables" and "To Kill a Mockingbird"
    10. DREAM VACA SPOT: Still Laie, Hawai'i
    11. FAVE SONG: "This is The Christ"


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