16 August 2012

Life Lessons

Thank you all so much for the support on the last post ;)
I just really needed to get all of that off my chest 
and you are all so sweet and if I could have my way, 
you would all live around me so we could hang out constantly hahahaha

Yesterday the girl and I spent the day with my family ;)
It was such a nice break to have them care for the small one,
and for her to have new faces to look at.
Only a couple times she got freaked out by Uncle Trevor 
cuz he put his face super close to her hahahaha
but then she got over it and played with him ;)
It felt so nice talking with my mom about everything and nothing all at the same time,
very therapeutic and helped me feel so much better.

We watched So You Think You Can Dance,
which is one of my FAVORITE shows of all time ;)
And they did a tribute to the amazing Mia Micheals
and I cried on more than one occasion.

^you're welcome
These are the originals BTW ;)

Only thing was,
I wasn't as moved on most of her pieces because they had been done
by other couples before so I couldn't help but
compare them to the originals....
they were still great routines but they weren't as magical.
That got me thinking...

As bloggers I feel like we feel the need to copy those
chosen few that have over 4 million readers,
do outfit posts and get thousands of comments,
do reviews,
Well I won't lie,
you won't be as magical if you copy someone else!
I know sometimes I wish I had more
"sponsors" or that my blog made me money,
but honestly?
That would take everything away from my blog that I want it to be.
It's a journal type thing for me,
and it's to make friends,
not to make profits,
or get a bajillion readers that don't really care about what I'm saying ;)
I am in no way saying that those other bloggers have nothing good to say,
cuz they do I promise but sometimes I feel like we get overwhelmed 
with paid posts and sponsoring things,
so I'm just letting you know that my blog will stay about me and my crazy little family
cuz I want to be magical ;)

Speaking of which I should probably feed my piglet
of a daughter here,
she sounds slightly hungry again hahahaha
but I would be too if I slept from 11-9! ;)


  1. I totally feel for the comparison thing! I have to remind myself pretty often that I blog for ME and to share my love of the gospel and Disney ;)
    Maybe one day I'll do more sponsoring but for now I love the way I do it. I can make friends and it costs no one money! Lovely post friend :)

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  3. At least she slept that long, right?!

    And you are so magical. And I love you.

    That's probably weird, but I'm weird, so I don't care. HA!

  4. Hey Lady! I just came across your cute blog via the hop and I'm so happy to be your newest follower! Also I'd love to invite you to a fabulous triple giveaway I'm having right now!

    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!



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