08 August 2012


Sorry I've been MIA the past few days!
I honestly didn't even realize it had happened!
Life with a 7 week old folks ;)
She's just so cute and fun I forget about time sometimes!
And she's been sleeping through the night for the past like week and a half!
Praise the heavens!
Now of course this will change when her teeth start coming in but for now I'm loving it!
Now for some cuteness to make up for my absence

Morning smiles with daddy

Formula coma!

Playtime on Grandma Mills' blanket

Such a cutie!

Watching the Olympics

With Grandma Bowler

Playing with Uncle Trevor
Oh yeah ;)
She's so adorable right?!
And I promise I'll have a real post later ;)
Just gotta feed the girl and such!


  1. she's definitely cute!
    can't blame you for your MIB.haha

  2. So glad you're finally getting more sleep! She is adorable !

  3. Awww she's so cute!
    You see, I have the house, you have the baby haha :)
    And a post like this is a great one!! You show us a piece of your life, I love it!

  4. Grandma Bowler! That is so weird!
    Yes, she is so cute!


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