28 August 2012

Joys of Motherhood

Y'all I gotta be real with ya.
I love being a mom, I mean seriously I do.
I have one minor issue at times:
lack of sleep.

Yeah yeah I know I got what I signed up for hahahaha
And honestly, once she falls asleep for real,
I can sleep too but it normally doesn't happen til like 12-1 in the morning.
And friends, mama don't do well on no sleep.
Cuz I'm usually up at 9 at the latest and then I'm getting things done all day
so I don't usually get a nap during the day
and as such about one day every two weeks I hit a wall.
And I hit it hard hahahaha
Occasionally Andrew will try to take Rory for all the night calls,
but she usually has other plans - 
like "mommy is the only one that can rock me to sleep when I'm angry" plans.....

Every week Rory stays with her great grandparents for a few hours
so Andrew and I can run errands,
go on a date,
or whatever else we need/want to do.
The other week I really wanted to nap,
then realized all the things we had put off couldn't be put off any longer,
so the nap didn't happen.
But last week I totally got one!
A nice 4 hour nap ;)
Now I know why she's always so happy after a long nap ;)

Anyways, one of my favorite times
is bathtime ;)
Rory is now getting the hang of sitting in the water,
and we're teaching her to splash and she gets all smiley about it,
but for some reason we still don't like the idea of swimming...
might be the wet diaper thing...not sure...
I digress!
Bathtime is so fun for me cuz after we get her all snuggled in her towel,
I rub her lotion on which she loves,
get her all dressed and we just sit and chat for awhile ;)
She's so relaxed and happy and will just tell me all about her day
and how it went hahahaha

I also love when she's so tired but she refuses to sleep,
so I have her in the prime sleeping position,
and she'll just coo at me and smile,
then when she starts to fuss,
binki goes in and her eyes droop and she looks like a drunk ;)
And off to dreamland she goes.

I love rocking her to sleep humming Disney/Primary songs,
so far she really likes
"Baby Mine"
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
"When you Wish Upon a Star"
"I am a Child of God"
"A Child's Prayer"
I always feel so close to my Savior while I hold my 
little nutball and listen to her talk to me or watch her sleep ;)

I'm the luckiest girl on the planet.


  1. Aww :) I really am nervous about the lack of sleep thing but you make everything else sound AMAZING!

  2. Awww, I love it!

    You make me maybe not so nervous to maybe someday have kids. hahaha

  3. This is so sweet! I love being a mom too, but the lack of sleep part really stinks! Luckily that phase doesn't last TOO long! I sing Baby Mine to my daughter every night :)

    Following you back :)

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    Talk to ya soon :D


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