22 August 2012

Fun Things

So the amazing Megan had a discount on her blog
a couple Fridays ago for a bunch of baby-related items so I jumped on them!
And I got this the other day in the mail!

Isn't it amazing?!
It's the Maddox from Carseat Canopy!
I wanted a gender neutral one so that I can use it for all my babies ;)
It's really cute though!

And I'm waiting on this to come!!

I'm seriously over the top excited about this!
I have my Moby wrap but sometimes I don't have time
to wrap myself all up and carefully put Rory in and make her happy,
whereas with this sling,
I can move her around much faster and easier when she's unhappy
in a certain position ;)

And soon here I'm hoping to get a little
bit of money to go get some new clothes and shoes.
My gigantic little pregnant self stretched my hips out even more,
my feet no longer fit in ANY of my shoes,
and my boobs have shrunk so new bras are a must.
Anyone have any good affordable places to get a bra other than VS?
 They never size me right....
oh and I need jeans cuz I no longer have any!
AHHH my wardrobe is in serious need of help hahahaha
so send me your fave places to shop!
(and please remember I'm not a skinny lady - I've got meat on my bones y'all!)


  1. I need to buy new clothes too! Haha but I always think I need new clothes even right after a shopping spree. Anyway, I got my bra from Target, surpisingly they had some pretty awesome ones. Clothing I always go to Ross or Marshalls because they have really good deals and super cute!

  2. I love Target clothes and even bras - though with maternity boobs they're getting snug and the lack of support is showing. Yikes.

    BTW I TOTALLY have that carseat cover for our baby toooo! Isn't it nice? Perfect for the upcoming winter if you ask me!


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